Just Us! French Coffee Review

Friday, February 12, 2016

I've talked a lot about some of my most favourite things here on the blog, such as makeup, fragrance, and cats. But I've yet to discuss my love of coffee and tea. Today I'll be discussing my favourite coffee brand and type, Just Us! French whole beans. Keep reading to see why I love it so much:

Just Us! is an organic, fair trade co-op out of Nova Scotia. They work with several small, fair trade, organic producers all over the world, and along with coffee (whole beans and ground), they sell tea, chocolate, and sugar. I've tried a few of their whole bean roasts, and French ($12.25 CAD for 12 oz; $29 CAD for 2 lb) is my favourite (though I enjoy them all and will be reviewing more in the future!) It's a full-bodied dark roast (my favourite type), with low acidity. Each type of coffee has a handy guide on the front of the bag with gauges for roast, body, and acidity, along with tasting notes. French's notes are roasty, cocoa, and black pepper.

Opening a bag of Just Us coffee is a decadent experience. The beans smell so fresh and magnificent. They are from the Casil Co-Op in Peru (a very woman-friendly organization; look at those goals!), are hand-roasted and so dark and glossy. I can really tell I've bought a quality product every time I make a pot of coffee. I'm by no means an expert coffee-taster, but I can detect notes of cocoa and pepper, and it's definitely very full-bodied. I always drink my coffee black, and I appreciate the low acidity as high can hurt my stomach, but I can drink cup after cup of this with no problem. If you love dark roasts, this is definitely one you need to try!

While Just Us!'s coffee is more expensive than your typical commercial brands, it is so worth it for the quality and their fair trade partnerships. A 12 oz bag of beans lasts about 2 weeks in my home, making a pot a day. I can't attest to the quality of the ground versions, but  given the high quality of the beans, I'd say they're comparable.

Those in Canada and the US can order Just Us! coffee (and other products) online. I buy mine at Superstore and Sobeys here in PEI (check the natural/organic food section), and I'd imagine the brand is available throughout the Maritimes. If you've spotted it elsewhere in Canada, please let me know (and try it out, if you haven't)! There are also a few Just Us! coffee houses in Nova Scotia, which I definitely need to visit next time I'm in NS!

I pretty much consider Just Us! my Holy Grail coffee brand. I highly recommend you check it out! Stay tuned for more coffee/tea reviews!

Product purchased myself. All opinions are my own.

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