EcoTools Full Volume Styler Hairbrush Review, Photos

Thursday, February 04, 2016

EcoTools Full Volume Styler Hairbrush

Most of us are familiar with EcoTools' makeup brushes (which are among my favourites), but did you know they also make hair brushes? I had the opportunity to try the Full Volume Styler Hairbrush* ($19.99 CAD), with hopes it could transform my limp, fine hair to bouncy and volumized. Keep reading to see if it delivered!

EcoTools Full Volume Styler Hairbrush

The EcoTools Full Volume Styler is designed for medium to long hair, and like all of EcoTools' products, it is made in an eco-friendly manner: it has a bamboo handle, recycled aluminum, cruetly-free bristles, and recycled paper packaging. I love overall look and feel of this brush; the bamboo handle is quite pretty and sturdy, and the entire brush is lightweight.

I've never been very fancy or involved with my hairbrush purchasing decisions -- basically using whatever won't rip out my hair -- but the Full Volume Styler has been a revelation. My hair is limp, fine, and often frizzy at the ends. My regular, cheapo hairbrush doesn't do much for it except brush it. The Full Volume Styler, on the other hand, smooths out my hair while separating the strands to give the appearance of more volume. It distributes shine too, and cuts down on the frizziness.  The result is bouncier, smoother, shinier hair that looks like I spent a good amount of time styling it. For someone who would rather spend time on makeup than hair, that's a huge bonus!

EcoTools Full Volume Styler Hairbrush

As for cutting down on dry time? I actually don't blow dry my hair that often, preferring to let it air dry. I also don't usually use a brush if I do blow dry my hair. In theory, the Full Volume Styler should cut down on drying time due to the vents in the brush head. It can't hurt, anyhow.

One thing to be careful of with this brush is when removing hair from the brush head. I ended up ripping out a couple bristles when I did so, so pull out the hair gently. The brush also doesn't detangle, but to be fair, it's not designed to do so. EcoTools actually has a separate Smoothing Detangler brush for that purpose.

I'm quite happy to have tried the EcoTools Full Volume Styler Hairbrush! It makes my hair look sooo much better than my regular brush. I love the results I get, and I love the eco-friendly design! You can find this and other EcoTools products online at Farleyco or Walmart, and in-store at Walmart, Sobeys, etc.

Have you tried any of EcoTools' hair brushes?

*Product provided for review. Post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

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