Dollarama Beauty: Eurospa Anti-Stress Heat Therapy Oatmeal Mask Review

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Eurospa Anti-Stress Heat Therapy Oatmeal Mask

I love Dollarama. If you're also Canadian, you're probably very familiar with it and its variety of products from $1-$3. I often see brand name and As Seen on TV products there (like the Hair Bean!), but for this series I will be focusing on the obscure brands of beauty products I've only ever seen at Dollarama. Are these cheap goodies bargain gems or dollar store trash? We'll both be finding out!

Eurospa Anti-Stress Heat Therapy Oatmeal Mask

When I first spotted a rack of Eurospa masks, I was inclined to pass them up. At $1.25 each, they aren't much cheaper than my favourite 7th Heaven (formerly Montagne Jeunesse) and Freeman masks. But then I noticed the Eurospa masks are made in Korea. Korea is well-known among beauty junkies for its awesome skincare, so my interest was piqued. I picked up two masks, and will be reviewing the first one I tried, the Anti-Stress Heat Therapy Oatmeal Mask ($1.25, 15ml) today.

This mask has a lot of natural extracts, like oatmeal, jasmine, honey, ginseng, etc., along with the typical mask ingredients of glycerin and kaolin. Similar to a lot of single mask brands, the sachet has enough product for two applications, though I just slathered it all on my face anyway. The mask has a pleasant, soapy scent (similar to Aveeno lotion), and warms up within seconds. It's a pleasant warmth and doesn't burn at all. The instructions for this mask are typical of most: cleanse face, apply, leave on for 15-20 minutes, wash off.

Eurospa Anti-Stress Heat Therapy Oatmeal Mask

The mask was pretty sticky, which is probably due to the honey. If you have long hair, I recommend putting it up during use, as mine got caught in the product a few times. I did find my face was still a bit sticky after rinsing the mask off, so I recommend rinsing thoroughly (or use less than the whole packet). My skin felt softer after using this mask, and more pores appeared smaller. The mask didn't give intense hydration, so if you have very dry skin, it probably won't be enough for you. Normal to oily skin types will probably enjoy this though!

Overall, I like the Eurospa Anti-Stress Heat Therapy mask. It's not my favourite, but the warming sensation and results (despite the stickiness) were quite nice. I recommend checking out the brand's masks -- there are a few different types and scent/ingredient options. Check back next week for another review!

Have you tried any of Dollarama's beauty products?

Product purchased myself. All opinions are my own.

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