Demeter Foolproof Blending #CBBFOOLPROOFBLEND

Thursday, February 11, 2016

I love fragrance, which is obvious if you've been following my Scent Sundays series. I used to snub my nose at one note scents, but during my first round of trying some of Demeter's (many) fragrances, I realized how versatile they can be. As a member of the CBB Network, I was recently able to participate in another Demeter campaign (#CBBFOOLPROOFBLEND)*, this time devoted to blending scents. I was really excited to whip up my own custom fragrance using a couple of their blending kits! Keep reading for my thoughts and what I came up with!

First up is Demeter's Jasmine/ Lavender Foolproof Blending Duo ($35 USD), which contains 1 oz spritzer bottles each of the aforementioned fragrances, as well as an empty 1 oz spritzer bottle, four plastic droppers, and a little plastic funnel. For the #CBBFOOLPROOFBLEND campaign, we had the choice of either this set, Clean Skin and Sunshine, or Grass and Dirt. I already love the scents of lavender and jasmine, so it made sense to me to try my hand at blending them.

Demeter's Lavender is fresh and smells just like the flower. Some lavenders can be powdery and cloying, but this one isn't. It's very relaxing too. I love jasmine tea, so I'm happy to say Demeter's Jasmine smells just like it! It's green and bright, and not everyone's cuppa, but I love it.

Blended, they play very well together and I can smell both scents without them overpowering the other. I think this is a great blend for relaxation as well.

Next, I received the Vanilla Foolproof Blending Trio ($45 USD), which contains 1 oz spritzer bottles each of Hawaiian Vanilla, Angel Food, and Gingerbread, as well as some blending strips. Everyone in the campaign received this set, and I recommend checking out posts in the linky below to see how others blended them with their respective Blending Duos!

Hawaiian Vanilla is a warmer, more sensual version than standard vanilla. Angel Food smells like its namesake -- I get the cake and batter, and it might be my imagination, but I can detect a hint of strawberry. Strawberry shortcake, anyone? Gingerbread is om nom nom good. Wow. It smells more like a fresh, homemade cinnamon roll to me than gingerbread, but I'm not complaining. I pretty much want to devour it...

Blending time!

During my super science-y blending experiments, I found Gingerbread and Angel Food clashed with Lavender and Jasmine. That's fine by me, as I think the former are completely perfect on their own. I also didn't find adding Hawaiian Vanilla to either of the other two vanilla scents improved them any, although Gingerbread with Angel Food combined is quite yummy. Two desserts without the calories or stomachache! :)

I decided to try adding Hawaiian Vanilla to a blend of Jasmine and Lavender. As I mentioned before, the latter two blend really well together, and the vanilla adds a really nice element to it. I used more Hawaiian Vanilla (about 1/4 of the bottle) than Jasmine and Lavender (about 1/5 each), and I think it works really well! My custom fragrance definitely pulls more vanilla, but there's herbal/floral underlying that is quite lovely. I'd probably add a spice or wood note (and might end up doing so later) to really make it a 'me' fragrance. I really like it as-is, though! Also, please don't laugh too much at my label... Some people made really pretty ones but I don't have a printer (or a fine-tip Sharpie).. :P

Once again, Demeter has impressed me! I love each fragrance on its own, and some work really well blended together. I enjoyed my scent experiment a lot, and I have to give a huge thanks to Demeter and the CBB for giving us such an awesome opportunity! Demeter has a lot of blending sets on their website, which I definitely recommend checking out. Buying them as sets saves you a few bucks too!

Have you tried blending scents before?

*Products provided for review. All opinions are my own.

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