Blog of the Moment: The Cosmetic Critic

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

November is such a dreary month. I'd go as far as to say it's my most hated month, with January coming in a close second (New Year's helps alleviate some of the dullness). While my part of the North has been lucky enough to have a few actual fall days this month instead of premature winter, I still highly dislike the shortened days and impending cold. How does a girl perk herself up? By spreading some positivity in the blogosphere! I hope this new feature, Blog of the Moment, can cheer you up too by discovering (or reaffirming my choices of) some of my favourite beauty blogs:

The Cosmetic Critic is run by the lovely Ling of Toronto, currently at university in Ohio. With a clean and stylish layout, it's easy to get wrapped into her posts which vary from reviews to hauls to rants, and much more. Her pictures are gorgeous (find out how she edits them!), and I love that she is not afraid to stick out from the crowd and state her disinterest in certain trendy high-end products. Speaking of high-end, she knows an inexpensive dupe for Benefit's High Beam! This beauty's got brains too -- check out her Beauty Science section, where Ling dissects products' claims and also tells you why juice cleanses are pointless. And while not liking tea or coffee (gasp!), she holds a special place in my heart for being a fellow germaphobe.

Go check out The Cosmetic Critic (and the posts I've linked) now, and be sure to follow her too!

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