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Friday, October 30, 2015

Smell is closely linked to memory. Ever catch a scent of something only to have memories come flooding back to you? This is the idea behind a campaign with Demeter and the CBB that I was lucky enough to participate in. Demeter scent a collection of six memory-inducing scents: three pre-selected; one of our own choosing; and two to curate with our pick to create a scent memory blending set. Click below to see which scents I was scent sent and what memories they trigger!

The pre-selected scents were: Rice Paddy*, Mountain Air*, and Vanilla Cake Batter*. I chose the scent Cinnamon Bark*, and was sent Sandalwood* and Black Pepper* to go with it. First up, the pre-selected scents which are actually all inspired by memories of Demeter's CEO, Mark Crames:

Rice Paddy:

I've never been to a rice paddy, but oh gosh, this scent makes me want to visit one! It's both vibrant and green, yet has an edge of sweetness. I was trying to pinpoint what food it reminded me of, and I think it's actually macaroons! If macaroons resided in a lush meadow. This oddly makes me hungry for both greens and sweets.

Mountain Air:

I've also never really been on a mountain before. Well, I've driven through the Appalachians in New Brunswick and New England, but never actually stepped out to enjoy the air. This scent smells like fresh rain and crisp air. It kind of reminds me of a sunny winter day, but more alive somehow. I honestly didn't expect much from this scent, but it's now my favourite of the three.

Vanilla Cake Batter:

Mouth. Watering. This actually smells more like vanilla buttercream frosting to me, but that's ok because YUM. Who else is glad smells have no calories? I totally plan to use this as a room spray too and fool everyone into thinking I'm an ace baker.

Now my custom scent memory! I chose Cinnamon Bark for a specific drink that evokes happy thoughts, though I think my curators thought I was going more for a spicy angle. It did end up working out though, with the addition of Vanilla Cake Batter. I won't do individual reviews for these, as they basically smell of their namesake. But here goes my "recipe" and scent memory:

Chai Latte

A tradition my husband and I have had for the last couple years now is going out of town every Thanksgiving week, just to get away on the cheap. There is a lovely coffee shop we always try to go to two or three times during our stay, and not only do they have amazing coffee, they also make great chai lattes. Chai lattes have been my favourite specialty drink for about a decade, and smelling like it (or close to it) brings me back to lounging in the coffee shop, the cooler weather (with occasional days that go up to 20C), and the multicoloured falling leaves. It's such a nice reprieve before the bitter cold of winter. And, of course, smelling it on my wrist makes me want to drink a big mug of chai. Mmmm. :)

Thanks so much Demeter for allowing me to take this walk down memory lane! This is my first time trying Demeter's scents, so of course now in the future I will be reminded of this post of memories. Memoryception!

You can find the entire catalogue of Demeter's scents (and they have, like, a million) at, in a wide variety of sizes (the 30ml seen above are $20 USD each). There's also a large selection of 30ml cologne sprays available at select Loblaws banner stores, including the Real Canadian Superstore, for $15 CAD each. Happy smelling!

*Products provided for review. No monetary compensation given. All opinions are my own.

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