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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Hi everyone,
Holly from Holly's housewife life here, and I am so excited to be guest posting for Stephanie! xoxo

The CBB guest post theme this month is Canadian Love, which I LOVE because I love Canada and maple syrup.. & moose.. & beavers and EH's..

Jumping right into it, this is going to be a photo heavy post!
Here goes..

I am an east coaster, I grew up in Nova Scotia and for now ;) live in Newfoundland.
As soon as I found out that Canadian love was our theme I knew my go to beauty post would be about this lovely company, Indigena.

I found Indigena through a monthly beauty subscription and I've only fallen more in love with them through their story and all natural products.

Born and made right here on the rock, they offer a variety of beauty and skincare; Oh Canada!
Above is the Aurora travel kit #2, I love these kits!

A. they give you a good variety of products
B. that carrying case though

So it may look like I haven't dipped into these much but quite the contrary, they're so rich you don't need a whole lot to work the magic.

Rooibos Tea cleanser works well for removing that extra bit of eye makeup, its sort of a jack of all trades. You can shave with it, wash with it, its gentle and leaves you feeling smooth.

The Labrador Tea face cream I heard is one of the best sellers and I am so in love with it.
The closest comparison of texture I could think of would probably be if you whipped butter and cool whip together.. Its so rich, but may be even a bit too moisturizey for day so I use it at night before bed and I can feel the difference by morning.

Blueberry bliss sugar scrub, I own 2! This one is brand spanking new and it smells like heaven. It seriously smells like blueberries and lemonade had a baby...
You can use this all over your body but where it has the oil base (and my face does not love oil) I prefer to hone it in on a particular area, even take it in the tub with me. I'll use it as a lip scrub, use it on elbows/knees, feet, and it makes your legs look shiny like kardashians if you use just a bit and scrub gently all over before hopping out of the shower ;)  

Blueberry Bliss face Masque now that I've tried a powdered mask I don't know if I can go back!
Of course I was lazy and didn't "mix until smooth" I just spilled some in my hand and worked in the water recklessly but the action was quite satisfying! hahhah
I left the masque on for 10 mins and I don't know if this was a freak coincidence but the next morning my skin was extra soft.. So a second test run is in order!

I saved my two favorites for last..

Soap Bars, once you use natural soap all others seem so plastic!

Da Smooch!, with a name like that I could never resist. I use this every night before bed, the only reason I don't use it more is because of the tub packaging (my work is super dirty, you wouldn't want to touch your lips while working.. ick) but this also comes in a twist up which I would like to get my hands on.

Has anyone ever tried a natural or homemade lip balm???

I remember in high school my boyfriends mom got me one at a flea market and that lippy was the BOMBDOTCOM, I used every last drop.
Very similar to the smoochy it was soft and melty.
(beware though they will melt in your pocket and stain your flared bellbottom jeans ;))

Now I'm off to eat my Jam Jams and drink my tea.
Purity brand knows what's up, watch out for Mummers :)

This brand sounds so great! I love natural skin and body care, so I will definitely need to try out Indigena. Thanks so much for sharing, Holly! -Stephanie

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