Spotlight On: The Body Shop -- A Seven Year Obsession

Monday, June 01, 2015

Hey everybody! Welcome to June! Today I'm starting a new series called "Spotlight On" where I will highlight my favourite brands -- the ones I own many products from, and have been using for years. The inaugural spotlight is on The Body Shop, a brand many of us know and love. I've been a fan for the past seven years. They are committed to fair trade practices, are against animal testing, and are eco-conscious. They have many amazing products, to boot. To learn more about why I love them, click below!

I remember being in high school and girls would take out their delicious-smelling body butters, sharing with their friends who oohed and ahhed over how great the product was. I was always jealous because I could never afford such luxuries.

Enter age 19, when suddenly The Body Shop's gift sets and, especially, body butters were the gift of choice to give to me on my birthday and Christmas, and suddenly a relationship of fruity scents and soft skin was formed.

the body shop body butter

Body Butter

The Body Shop's Body Butters are probably the most iconic of their many product offerings, and it's easy to see why. These butters are rich and creamy, and while they don't soak into skin instantly, if you have the patience they will leave your skin feeling so soft. If you are new to The Body Shop, or want to introduce someone to the brand, I recommend starting here. The butters are available in many different scents, as well as mini, regular (shown here), and jumbo sizes. Pictured are just a few of my butters -- I often end up with so many that I have to pass them along to others, just because I don't have enough skin to moisturize!

the body shop body butter
the body shop hand butter and the body shop beautifying oil

Hand Butter

Hand butters are like thicker body butters but for hands (though I suppose they could be used on the rest of the body as well!) The Absinthe Purifying Hand Butter is a staple in my handcare routine and it leaves my hands, cuticles, and nails nourished. I've written a more thorough review of it here!
There are other scents in the line too, like like Wild RoseAlmond, and Hemp, as well as Hand Creams which have a lighter formula.

Beautifying Oil

The Beautifying Oils can be used on face, body, and hair. I generally use them on body, especially in summer when I don't want to use something as heavy as a body butter. The oil sinks in quickly, and as usual, smells great and comes in a variety of scents. Works well as a massage oil too!

Body Lotion

The body lotions come in a variety of thicknesses (the body milk is a lot thinner than the body whip, for example), but are overall a lot thinner in consistency than the body butters. They provide less moisture too, but are a good choice if you only want/need a bit of hydration. I picked up this set of four minis after Christmas and I really like them to just throw in my purse for moisture on the go.

Dry Body Brush

I can't find this exact one on the site, but there is a Spa Fit Body Massager and Cactus Body Brush that serve similar purposes. The dry body brush in the above photo may still be lingering in stores, so I'd phone your local store if you don't want either of the two alternatives.

The dry brush is used on dry skin to buff away dead skin and help circulation. It leaves skin feeling very soft and is so great for exfoliation -- especially if you don't have time to do it in the shower or for a couples' massage!

Body Scrub

I actually use the body scrub as a hand scrub! It has a nice grit, provides moisture, and comes in great scents (per usual!) I love the mini (above) version for portability. It can be a bit messy due to the tub, but there is also the option of Body Polish which is packaged in a tube (it has a thinner/less coarse consistency but is also more moisturizing).

Shower Gel

The shower gels are my favourite body washes! Some other brands' versions irritate my skin, but I haven't had the problem with The Body Shop's. They foam well, smell yummy, and don't dry out my skin. I'm always sure to stock up so I don't miss them when I finish them! The above is jumbo size (the only version that has a pump; the rest have a flip-top), but they also come in regular and mini sizes.


Soap's not too exciting, but the ones from TBS come in some of their signature scents, and only cost $4, which is great if you're trying to reach a shipping threshold, etc. They don't dry out my hands and leave them subtly scented. A good choice if you like bar soap over liquid!

Bath Lily

Bath lilies/poufs aren't that exciting either, but these ones are high-quality and also $4 (the one pictured above is a mini I received in a gift set; the $4 ones are larger). I used to use cheapo dollar store poufs and they always unraveled quickly, but I've never had that problem with TBS' version. They stay almost-perfect for weeks/months, though you should really replace them every few weeks to prevent bacterial growth. ;)

All the rest...

The Body Shop has so much stuff that I can't possibly talk about it all in one post! Something I forgot to take a picture of was the Camomile Cleansing Oil, which I've reviewed here. It's basically amazing and the best makeup remover I've tried! I tend to stick to TBS' body offerings though, so I haven't delved a lot into their skincaremakeup, or haircare. Oh, and fragrance! My mom loves the White Musk range!

If you want to get into The Body Shop, try a new scent, or are looking for a great gift, they have a number of gift sets available. I gift TBS things to the women (and occasionally men) in my family and they're always a hit! I also highly recommend their Love Your Body membership card. For someone who shops there as much as I do, it's a huge bonus (but even if you're an occasional shopper, you get the $10 you spent back to spend during your birthday month!) Aaaaaaand TBS always has some sort of sale going. Usually newer scents/products are excluded, as well as gift sets, but it's still an awesome way to try new things!

So what's your favourite Body Shop product? Scent? Ooh, I'd have to go for pink grapefruit, raspberry, peach, coconut, shea, satsuma, mango...

All products either purchased myself or received as gifts. All opinions are my own.

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