One Hand Washes the Other Valentine's Day 2015 Sampler (Coeur de l'Hiver, Be True, Heart Flutters) Review, Photos

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Hello! I must apologize for my winter hibernation. Now that the snow is (maybe, sort of?) starting to melt, I'm awake and ready for some SUPER SPRING BLOGGING.

Now, while Valentine's Day may have been almost two months ago, the Valentine's Day 2015* sampler ($8 USD) from One Hand Washes the Other is still available and perfect for any day of the year.

Featuring 1ml vial sizes each of Coeur de l'Hiver, Be True, and Heart Flutters (which are now all discounted), the sampler is packaged in a cute metal tin and I wish I had this packaging for all my sample vials.

The smells inside the tin are just as lovely and I can't pick a favourite!

Coeur de L'Hiver is French for the Heart of Winter, which is pretty much exactly where Valentine's falls, for many of us. A sturdy blend of Red cherries, White lilies, Rosewood, Sandalwood, and Amber.

On me, Coeur de l'Hiver opens very cherry, with lilies and some hints of wood. The heart of this winter leans a lovely, feminine but not powdery or "old lady" floral. I love the drydown, which turns amber and more woody.

Be True is a romance-inducing blend of bouquets of Baby Roses, gifts of milky White Chocolate, luscious Raspberries, Vanilla, and a hint of Sandalwood to hold it all together.

Mm, chocolate. Be True is Valentine's Day chocolate in scent form, without the calories or stomaches.  It smells just like those raspberry cream-filled heart chocolates, with undertones of rose. The drydown is a gorgeous, soft rose.

Heart Flutters Softly romantic, perfect for setting hearts aflutter on Valentine's, or any other, day.Fragrance notes: Honeysuckle, Sandalwood, Violets, White Patchouli, Vanilla, Rose, Musk, and clean Spring breezes

Heart Flutters could easily double as a spring fragrance. Opening with notes of honeysuckle, violet, rose, with a hint of musk and vanilla, the middle leans more floral and woody and then dries down to musk. I'd say the opening is more "day" and then transforms to "night" ... a good date fragrance, for sure!

Each of OHWTO's Valentine's Day scents is beautiful and feminine without being overly "girly" or saccharine. I really think they fit well any time of the year, from casual days to nights out. They are potent without being too strong (you won't clear a room with these, but anyone close to your person should be able to smell them), and a drop or two will last 8-12 hours. There are full-size oil or solid scent options in the sale section too!

What's your favourite "meant for a holiday but good any time of the year" scent?

*Products scent for review. No monetary compensation given. All opinions are my own.

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