Irresistible Me Sapphire Curler 8 in 1 Complete Curler Review, Photos, Before and After

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Are you looking for luscious ringlets, beachy waves, finger curls, and more? Let me introduce you to Irresistible Me's Sapphire 8 in 1 Complete Curler(currently on sale for $159.20 USD, regular $199 USD). With eight interchangeable barrels, it promises fast, smooth, and shiny curls using tourmaline technology. As a curling novice, I was intrigued and a bit intimidated by this curler. Click below to learn all the neato things it can do and to see a before and after shot of my hair!

The Irresistible Me Sapphire Curler comes packaged in a sturdy box with a magnetic lid, with the curler and attachments housed in a separate faux leather bag. I really love the packaging, especially the details on the inside of the lid.

Aside from the bag, the inside of the box also contains a helpful instructions booklet. Inside, I learned about the tourmaline technology, which is apparently a gemstone which is a natural source of negative ions (they prevent frizz and close the hair cuticle which locks in moisture, and creates smoother, shinier hair), and far infrared heat, which is supposed to provide faster styling. I never knew about differences between curler materials, so this was interesting to learn!

Opening up the bag, it rolls out and has handy slots for the curler handle, the barrels, and the heat-resistant glove. As you can see, it was so long it doesn't fit on my white board. :) 

The curler handle. There's a locking mechanism to hold the barrel in place, a center on/off button, and left and right buttons (to lower/raise heat; also, you can change the temperature display from Fahrenheit to Celsius by holding down the right button, and change the auto shut off settings by holding down the left), and in the middle of the handle is the digital temperature display. 

All the barrels! They're all tourmaline fused with ceramic, and the tips don't heat up. The sizes range from 13mm to 32mm. For my after shot, I used the 13/25mm barrel (third from top). I've also tried the Pearl barrel (bottom, far left) which gave interesting, squiggly curls! I might need to do another post to show more of these in action.

Finally, the set comes with a heat-resistant glove. This is sooo handy (no pun intended) for me, as all the barrels are clipless and I know I would burn my fingers without this!

Plugged in, the LCD display turns blue and displays "OFF" until you hold down the center button.

Once it's heated up (which takes less than a minute, and you can set your desired temperature using the left/right buttons), it will display green. Ready to go!

Having only used the InstaWave Curler previously (minus jaunts with old curlers lying around...), it was a bit of a learning curve to use a clipless barrel, but I learned to maneuver fairly quickly. It took me about 20 minutes to get a full head of curls.

What I really like about the Sapphire Curler is that it maintains its temperature, so I didn't have to worry about it cooling down while I wrangled my way through my hair. I think the tourmaline/infrared technology are legit, too -- curls usually straighten on me pretty quickly unless I use a lot of hairspray, but with this curler, they stayed put most of the day without any styling aids. Oh, and the handle is lightweight so my hands didn't get tired!

Now, here's the before and after!

My natural style, pretty boring!

Et voila! I quite like the results! This was pretty easy to do once I got the hang of it, and now I need to keep experimenting with the different barrels and curling times (Irresistible Me recommends holding the curl for  under 5 seconds for beachy waves, and ten seconds or more for tighter curls).

Obviously this is one of many styles of curls you can achieve with this curler, and hair type/texture will play a factor. My hair is fine and finicky (and will probably benefit most from the smaller barrels), but one of the things that makes the Sapphire Curler awesome is that you're bound to find a couple barrels or more in the set to suit you and your hair's needs. 

$199 (or less on sale) is quite spendy, but that seems to be fairly average for professional styling tools. I actually found the same design of curler by a different brand selling for $299, so I'm happy Irresistible Me, a brand I've had good experience with, is selling it cheaper. Eight barrels at the full-price of $199 works out to almost $25 each (or $20 each at the sale price of $159.20). 

I think this curler would be great for anyone looking for something high quality they can create multiple hairstyles with, especially if you have friends/family who can benefit from the different sized barrels. I can picture a room full of people getting ready for an event and using different barrels for different hair types/styles!  

What do you think of the Irresistible Me Sapphire Curler? Do you want to see more styles with the different barrels? Let me know! (Maybe I oughta do some mad waves with the extensions....)

*Product provided for review. No monetary compensation given. All opinions are my own.

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