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Monday, October 27, 2014

I'll be honest with you: I don't often find skincare very exciting. I find the products are often overhyped, overpriced, and underdeliver. Sure, there are plenty of exceptions, and what doesn't work for me may not work for you, and vice versa. Still, skincare products to me just aren't as exciting as, say, a new lipstick or sparkly eyeshadow. Here is an exception, my friends:

Released exclusively to Shoppers Drug Mart last August, Amie Skincare* (which is French for "friend") is designed for all skin types, and crosses off many of the checkmarks of conscious consumers: at least 95% natural ingredients, on average, in all products; suitable for vegetarians and vegans; not tested on animals; and free of ingredients including parabens, petrochemicals, SLES and SLS, and animal extracts; and all products are made in the UK. Even better? None of the products cost over $12!

As soon as I read the press release, I knew I was in for something new and exciting. Look at those bottles! They are bright, cute, and could easily find space on the sink of people of all ages. The product inside also matches the bottle colour (adorable!) Opaque, airtight bottle packaging is also preferable to jar packaging, as it keeps important ingredients stable.

On to the reviews!

Morning Dew Matte-Finish Moisturizer ($12, 100ml) contains natural plant sugars to help hydrate skin, as well as rosehip and bilberry to nourish and soften. This moisturizer claims to control oil and mattify skin, while keeping it soft and hydrated. Out of the four products I'm reviewing today, this is the only one I lean more towards "like" than "love." It has a stronger fragrance than I like in a moisturizer, but it does leave my skin with a matte finish. Its moisturizing qualities are on the lower end of the spectrum, so would be more suitable for oily skin than dry (though I'd imagine if you have dry skin, you wouldn't need a matte-finish moisturizer!)

I don't tend to have a lot of shine breakthrough, especially in the cooler temperatures, so I can't speak for those with very oily skin on how well the moisturizer controls oil. I didn't notice any breakthrough, but that generally goes for any moisturizer I use. I would check out the Morning Dew Matte-Finish Moisturizer if you are looking for light moisture and shine control, but I wish it contained SPF -- include it and I'd definitely feel more enthusiastic about it!


Spring Clean Deep Cleansing Mask ($12, 100ml) contains peppermint extract and lime to purify and cool, and claims to combat oiliness and blemishes. I love kaolin clay-based masks, as this one is, as they really do work well to clean out pores and soften skin. This mask is no exception, and it has a refreshing mint/lime scent (though it is strong -- I don't put it on my under-eye area as the scent be irritating. I'd avoid this mask if you're very sensitive to smells, especially mint). The mask is simple to use -- put a thin layer on your face, leave it to dry for about ten minutes, and rinse off. The product's consistency is thinner than some kaolin masks I've tried, which I like a lot because it's much easier to rinse off.

The Spring Clean Deep Cleansing Mask leaves my pores cleaned and my skin soft. It can be used once or twice a week, and I've incorporated it into my skincare routine for that extra bit of pampering. This 100ml tube should last a while; I still have a lot of product left after using it maybe 10 or so times. A must-try!


Morning Light Hydrating Daily Moisturizer ($12, 100ml) contains rose extract, rose hip oil, and mallow to keep skin soft and hydrated. To cut to the chase: I love this. I've been using it at night and it may become my HG nighttime moisturizer! This has a light rose scent, a thin (but not watery) consistency, and it feels like the price tag should be double or more than it actually is. My combination skin loves the formula, and it adds the right amount of moisture, leaving my skin soft and happy. If you've ever tried The Body Shop's Vitamin E moisturizer, it reminds me a lot of that, except this has better packaging (the latter is in a jar) and is less expensive. 

I really recommend trying out the Morning Light Hydrating Daily Moisturizer! I'm not sure how well it will play with drier skin types -- it might work better as a morning moisturizer, but I will definitely be testing this (and buying it) in the winter when my skin is dry. 


Radiant Dawn Exfoliating Daily Wash ($10, 150ml) contains blueberry seeds to exfoliate, and green apple and lemon extracts to refine and tone skin. It's also 100% soap-free. First, I am very happy this cleanser uses seeds to exfoliate instead of plastic microbeads which are terrible for fish. Second, I haven't been using this daily, as I think it would be overkill for my skin; instead, I've been using it every other or every two days. It has a light, perfume-y and slightly green apple scent, and the exfoliating seeds are well-dispersed to give the skin a good scrub. I wouldn't scrub too hard as they can be a bit harsh, but light, smoothing motions work well.

The Radiant Dawn Exfoliating Wash leaves my skin smooth without it being dry or tight. The every other or every two days schedule works for my skin, but you could try using it daily if your skin needs more exfoliation. Another win from Amie, and thank you to them for not putting those terrible microbeads in the formula!


Product swatches, from left to right: 
Morning Dew Matte-Finish Moisturizer, Spring Clean Deep Cleansing Mask, Morning Light Hydrating Daily Moisturizer, Radiant Dawn Exfoliation Daily Wash

I am so excited about Amie's launch here in Canada! It's refreshing to have affordable skincare that performs well. There are four more products in the Canadian launch as well: Morning Clear Purifying Facial Wash ($10, 150ml -- I will have a review of this soon!), Petal Perfect 2-in-1 Cleansing Toner ($8, 200ml), Bright Eyes Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover ($8, 125ml), and New Bloom Gentle Cleansing Wipes ($6.50, 25 wipes). I want to try them all, especially the toner which is alcohol-free! 

Have you checked out Amie? Any of these products catch your eye? 

*Products sent for consideration. No monetary compensation given. All opinions are my own.

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