Siren Song Cosmetics: Siren Collection and The Fayth Eye Shadow Review, Photos, Swatches

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Hey everybody! I have a review for you today featuring a new vegan indie cosmetics company: Siren Song Cosmetics*! I was recently sent a few loose shadows to try, and I'll tell you right now this is definitely a company to check out. This is a bit of a pic-heavy post, so click the below to read more.

I was sent the full Siren collection, which includes four full-size jars, as well as a sample of The Fayth from the Distant Worlds (based on Final Fantasy 10) collection. All samples come in clamshells:

(Please note the jars/clamshell were clean when I received them; my eagerness to open them caused some product to spill and sully them a bit. ;))

All of the jars were shrinkwrapped, include a sifter (covered by a sticker), and contain 5 grams of product. Each jar is $5.49 USD. The clamshells contain about 1/8 teaspoon of product, and can be bought for $1.15 each. Make sure to open the clamshell slowly to prevent spilling of product! The company name, ingredients, and collection name are printed on the back of each. I do find the ingredients font colour a bit light, but ingredients are included in each listing on the website too in case they are a concern.

One thing I noticed with the jars is that the sifters are pretty loose. This isn't a big deal for me as I usually take them out when using anyway, but I did let Dee, the company owner, know.

Siren Collection: Fathoms Below and Shipwreck. I spilled some of Fathoms Below, which is why there's less in the jar!

Siren Collection: Sunken Riches and Siren Song

Distant Worlds Collection: The Fayth

Swatch time! All swatches are over Urban Decay Primer Potion (Original), and taken in natural light without flash:

Fathoms Below: "A deep and shimmery midnight blue. Used wet, would make an amazing eyeliner! Stains, so make sure you use a primer."
Ingredients: mica, titanium dioxide, carnauba wax, tin oxide, iron oxide, silicon dioxide, ultramarine blue, ferric ferrocyanide, boron nitride. not lipsafe.

Fathoms Below is completely stunning! Just look at that vibrancy! I love that the shimmer is subtle and doesn't go overboard (unintentional pun). I have worn this as a liner on my upper lashlines and it is beautiful, though did transfer to my lid a bit during the current humid weather we're having. This might not be a problem in drier weather, and I'll definitely be testing it out then!

Shipwreck: A glittery russet brown. 
Ingredients: mica, titanium dioxide, carnauba wax, tin oxide, iron oxide, silicon dioxide, ultramarine blue, ferric ferrocyanide, boron nitride. lipsafe.

Shades like these are my kryptonite. Shipwreck is another gorgeous shade that would look good all over the lid or in the crease. If you aren't already swamped (I swear these puns aren't intentional!) with glittery/shimmery neutral shades, be sure to check this one out!

Sunken Riches: A tarnished antique gold with a golden shift and sparkle. 
Ingredients: mica, titanium dioxide, carnauba wax, tin oxide, copper powder, iron oxide, silicon dioxide, boron nitride. lipsafe.

Sunken Riches isn't a type of shade I usually go for; still it's quite a lovely and shiny shade if you like yellow golds!

Siren Song: A beautiful seafoam blue with a golden shift. This color will definitely lead your wallet astray! 
Ingredients: mica, titanium dioxide, carnauba wax, tin oxide, iron oxide, silicon dioxide, ultramarine blue, ferric ferrocyanide, boron nitride. not lipsafe.

It's no surprise that the company's namesake shadow, Siren Song, is special! The gold shift is a bit subtle and hard to capture, but it is there and it's beautiful! I've also worn this as liner and I think it would make a great inner corner shade too!

The Fayth: An ancient metallic bronze toned gold. 
Ingredients: mica, titanium dioxide, carnauba wax, bronze powder, tin oxide, iron oxide, silicon dioxide, boron nitride. lipsafe.

The Fayth is pure beauty on blue eyes! I wore this a solo lid colour (with Fathoms Below as liner) and I looove it. It's even more vibrant in real life than what my swatch shows. If you love metallics and/or have blue eyes, you need this!

A couple more shots:

Below to top: Shipwreck and Sunken Riches
Below to top: Siren Song and The Fayth
Below to top: Fathoms Below, Shipwreck, Sunken Riches, Siren Song, The Fayth

I think these shades are great and Siren Song Cosmetics looks to be a very promising new company! Currently, only loose eye shadows are available, but pressed blush (!) and foundation are coming soon. I really love the theme of sirens, and there are two other collection themes as well: the aforementioned Distant Worlds (FFX) and Merciless (Attack on Titan). I'm not as familiar with the latter two's inspirations, but I can tell there has been thought put into each shade and I see some I definitely want to buy. There is also a Color of the Month page, which seems to feature one-off theme shades (June's was Sailor Moon-inspired; July is Captain America: Winter Soldier).

The site's design is very sleek and organized. It does seem Shiro-esque to me, but it's not a direct copy, and is still quite nice. There's a handy FAQ page and each shadow listing includes a swatch. Shipping is a reasonable $1-5 (within the US) or $3-7 (international); free shipping is offered for orders over $50 within the US, or over $75 for international orders.

If you like loose/mineral eye shadows, I definitely recommend trying Siren Song Cosmetics! I'm excited to see new additions added (blush! blush!) and watch the company grow. Thank you Dee for the opportunity to try these lovely shadows!

*Products sent for review. No monetary compensation given. All opinions are my own.

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