Sample Killah Week 2

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Not as much "killed" this week, unfortunately, but better than nothing! Here are my results for #SampleKillah Week 2:

Missha Dong Baek Gold Shampoo: Decent. Not much else to say. I'd use it again.

Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Fortifying Shampoo: I find the branding of this line kind of weird, like, are they saying other Garnier Fructis shampoos aren't clean? Anyway, not that special.

Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Fortifying Conditioner: This did nothing for my hair and I had to follow up with a different conditioner.

ion Repair Solutions Effective Care Treatment: Pretty good. Also good as shaving cream.

L'Oreal Professionnel Mythic Oil: This is one of the only hair oils I've tried that doesn't make my hair look greasy if I use too much (which I always do). It's pricey but I'll consider buying it if I don't find a cheaper high street alternative.


Aveda Caribbean Therapy Body Creme: This smelled pretty terrible; very herbal-y, which fits with Aveda and.. I dunno. I don't think I can get behind it. I like my lotions sweet or fruity. It also had a weird off-brown colour which didn't help.

philosophy Sweet Creamy Frosting Body Lotion: Now this is what I like in a body lotion! I won this in a set last Christmas from the wonderful Dave Lackie (whom you should really follow as he is awesome and has daily giveaways), and the scent is just divine. philosophy is a bit pricier than I usually like but definitely worth it for a lotion like this!


Kiehl's Ultra Moisturizer: I think I liked this but I can't really remember.

Live Clean Moisturizer: I've been curious about Live Clean's skincare line as I love their shampoo, but this had a tendency to pill up. Maybe if I used less? I'll admit I was using more than I probably should just to use up the sample!

Sisley Creamy Mask With Tropical Resins: This costs like a million dollars and I've used better masks that cost 99% less.

Sisley Gentle Buffing Cream: Ditto above, plus this uses plastic microbeads which are bad for the environment. Needless to say, I won't be buying.


I hope I'll have a better kill count next week! If you're interested in more sample-killing goodness, check out Kalyn Lord's original post and follow the hashtag #SampleKillah on social!

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