Sample Killah Preparations

Thursday, June 26, 2014

This July, Kalyn Lord is hosting her second Sample Killah -- this time inviting all of us along for the ride, and with a nice incentive too. Each week during the month of July, we'll post our "sample kills" (all the sample-size products we've finished that week) on our blogs or social media accounts, and at the end, each participant will be entered in a draw to win $50 CAD via Paypal. This is a great push for me to finish my overflowing collection of samples and I'm excited to see everyone's progress! I've done horribly at keeping up with posting empties, so hopefully I'll kill a good amount of samples next month.

(That's an old Loose Button Luxe Box -- the original style! -- I use for my sample collection.)

Today I actually cut out a lot of samples I just don't think I'll use -- they'll be passed along to family members. I still have tons, but I hope to cut through this box! Then I can work on my eyeshadow and perfume collection. Ha.. right.

Are you participating in Sample Killah?

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