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Thursday, May 01, 2014

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the Hair Bean. It's the "Made for TV" version of brushes like the Tangle Teezer, meant to easily brush through tangled hair. It may also be designed for kids, but we'll just ignore that.

I found the Hair Bean during one of my jaunts through Dollarama a couple months ago. It cost only $2, so I figured why not? I didn't get a good picture of the outer packaging, but you can see it on an Amazon listing here. It's packaged in the type of plastic that I hate which causes much frustration and cut fingers, but at least it keeps prying hands from touching the brush.

The actual product is packaged in a matching bean-shaped case, though it is really flimsy. There's no snap closure or clasp, so it can easily go flying if you pick it up from the top. Ask me how I know. The top lid has a small mirror inside; fairly useless, but could work in a pinch if need be.

The bristles on the Hair Bean aren't too soft or hard, and do a good job at getting the tangles out of my fine, long hair. I don't think this brush would work well on those with thick and/or coarse hair, though, as I don't think the bristles are high quality enough. I also prefer using it on dry hair as opposed to wet, as I find it tugs too much otherwise. There is pain when using this on especially tight tangles, but it works well enough that I can grin and bear it. (Or get watery eyes, take a break, and go at it again.)

I don't have a problem holding the Hair Bean when brushing it through my hair, but I can see how some might prefer it to have a handle. I also think the original selling price of $18.95 USD is crazy for what it is, but it's worth buying for a few bucks. If you can find it at Dollarama or another store for a low price, I do recommend buying it if you have thin/fine hair that tangles easily.

Have you tried the Hair Bean or other hair detangler brushes?

Product purchased myself. All opinions are my own.

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