Broadway Nails imPRESS Press-On Manicure Canada Voxbox Review, Photos

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Hey, hey! Recently Influenster sent out an imPRESS Manicure Voxbox* to qualifying users, which contained two sets of Broadway Nails imPRESS Press-On Manicures. I received "Holla" (left) and "Control Freak."

Influenster is a community that measures your influence across social media. It recently came to Canada (previously only Americans could qualify for Voxboxes), and you increase your chances of qualifying for future boxes by completing tasks. It really is worth joining if you are active on social media (including blogs and Youtube), and you can read my previous Influenster reviews here.

Now, on to the review!

The imPRESS Press-On Manicures come in cute nail-polish like packaging, which includes 24 nails in 12 sizes, along with a prep pad (basically rubbing alcohol) to clean your nails prior to use. I was able to find covers to fit each of my nails.

The instructions are pretty simple -- find correct sizes for your nails, cleanse with the prep pad, peel off the backing of the nails, then firmly press them on the nails, thumb nails last.

This picture looks different because I took it with my iPhone.

"Control Freak" is a pretty, shiny pink, though not really unique (I think I own a few shades of nail polish similar to this). I actually ended up cutting down the nails to fit my natural length:

iPhone pic again.

I like the imPRESS Manicures a lot better when they are shorter, as I am not used to long nails. Granted, the nails in these sets aren't really long, so it's all a matter of preference. Do note that your natural nails might be too long for these, but there are a few designs available in medium length.

I think I might have had some application error when wearing these (e.g., not pressing the nails firmly enough). The website's FAQ does say to wait one hour before trimming/filing them, so that might have been my problem. One of the pinky nails came off a few hours after applying, and I noticed some food got caught under one of the other nails from a pita I had eaten while wearing them. The other nails were on very securely, so I could have just applied another nail but I decided to take them off.

Normal, not iPhone pic.

I had better luck with "Holla," and I really liked the pattern on these. I decided not to trim them, as I didn't want to ruin the design. That's where my other problem arose: I don't like the feel of them untrimmed, and I found it hard to do things like write on my phone while wearing them. I took them off after a day, but I had no issues with the adhesive loosening and I probably could have had a few days' wear from them.

Removal was pretty easy; I simply held my fingers under warm water which helped dissolve the adhesive, though a bit of elbow grease was needed for a few of the nails. imPRESS says you can use nail polish remover with these too.

Overall, I like the idea of the imPRESS Press-On Manicures, but I have a few "nail issues" that make them hard for me to wear for a long period of time. I think I could get used to them if I trim them (after waiting one hour!), though I would need to sacrifice part of the design of I were wearing a patterned set, and most of the designs I like feature patterns that go to the tips of the nails. I would try these again for a one day/night affair, like a party or wedding.

I know some people have been able to get up to a week's wear with the imPress Press-On Manicures, so if you don't have the issues I do, you might really love these. The designs are fabulous, and they often release new ones. They even have versions for toenails! They retail around $10.99 CAD for patterns and $8.99 CAD for solid colours, and you can find them at drugstores, Walmart, etc.

Have you tried these? What are your thoughts on press-on nails? I think I need to get used to them!

*Product sent for review as part of Influenster's Voxbox program. No monetary compensation given. All opinions are my own.

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