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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Hi all! I'm really excited to share this review for you today of a new indie fragrance shop, Antimony Blue*, who graciously sent me samples of four fragrances to review. I also want to tell you right now, until Tuesday, all orders using code MEMENTO15 will receive 15% off. The sale will come in handy if you're a perfume-lover wanting to indulge!

What's interesting about Antimony Blue's fragrance formula is that each scent is infused with chips of different crystals with beneficial attributes. Each fragrance is $14 USD for 5 ml, and a few are available in gift sets with a postcard featuring original photography for $16 (some of the postcards are available on their own for $3.50 each too). AM ships worldwide with reasonable rates.

Catacomb Saint:
"For a thousand years you slept, content to forget yourself and return to the dust as you were promised. But your resurrection came too soon--they pulled you from your earthen bed, scrubbed your bones and sent you away. They stripped your identity and gave you names that still ring of anonymity, placed jewels in your skull and gold in your ribs. You are a martyr, an ecstatic, a wonderworker, and you will be worshipped.

Beneath the rot and the gloom lies a miracle: ancient bones swathed in gold and encrusted with precious jewels, posed beneath an altar set with rich red wine and resinous incense. Infused with carnelian, a stone once used to protect the souls of the dead, to transform fears and anxieties into courage and personal power."
Have you ever heard of the Catacomb saints? In my opinion, they're both beautiful and creepy, and a great inspiration for this fragrance. I definitely smell the red wine and incense, and I can picture the awe and apprehension of laying eyes on an ancient, bejeweled skeleton. Catacomb Saint, to me, smells like a fragrant embodiment of reverence.

the Undead & the Divine:
"A bacchanalian spread of velvety red roses and pure white lilies, flutes of dry champagne, and cakes of honey incense upon an altar of flickering white candles. Skin-on-skin, breath-in-breath, a celebration of desire and fulfillment, infused with stimulating red tigers eye."
the Undead and the Divine is indulgent without being gourmand, as the notes of honey and champagne come out to play, followed by the florals. I see this as a "night out" perfume, but it could definitely be worn during the day. I rarely gravitate towards florals but this fragrance really makes me rethink them, as it is well-blended with the perfect hint of sweetness.

The Beast You Made:

"You hunger for freedom. The desire consumes you, burning like a fire in your core, annihilating everything in its way. The only way to put it out is to run. The wind that whips against your eyes and mouth, the damp earth that cradles your feet, they alone can calm the flames that scorch your wild heart. Each step melts away your imposed gentility, the sweet, resinous air pulling away toxic memories of human servitude as you exhale. You are a force of nature and you will not be tamed again.

Forests of birch trees and evergreens, carpeted with thick green mosses and hung with the misty, electric haze of a summer thunder storm. Tart red fruits and sweet yellow berries cut the fog like lightening, melting against something alive and warm. This blend contains rainbow moonstone to strengthen our ties to the natural world, awaken long-forgotten intuitions, and soothe the wild beast within."

The Beast You Made is fresh and green; I can smell the evergreen and moss in the top notes, along with the air of a thunderstorm. The heart notes are berries, lending a sweetness that keeps the blend from becoming heavy. The drydown is a bit spicy, which I think is the "alive and warm" coming out. I really like how it starts out moody but turns more energetic and uplifting.

10 of Cups:

"This is the end. There is no more searching, no more wondering. Every uncertainty, every doubt, and every question has led you to this point. Your happiness is like a river, running deep and free, swelling and spilling over, unable to contain itself. You are whole, containing everything you need for fulfillment. You are infinite.
A bouquet of Ethereal blue gardenias, night-blooming jasmine, and green buds tied with strips of crisp linen awash in a sea of milk and honey. Channeling the watery, emotional energy of the 10 of Cups, this is happily-ever-after in a bottle. Blended with rose quartz to promote peace and love, within and without."

Oh, 10 of Cups, you are lovely; you are fast becoming my go-to fragrance. Floral and watery, but not powdery and overbearing, it contains one of my favourite notes -- jasmine -- and is just so, so beautiful. I can smell milk and honey in the middle notes, and the drydown is slightly musky on me. This really is a happy fragrance, easy to make any wearer feel positive.

Each Antimony Blue fragrance is extremely well-crafted, lasts hours on the skin, and has good sillage (they don't stay too close to the skin, but they also won't suffocate the room). I get an "expensive" feel from these, in the very best possible way. I could easily see these on the shelves of a luxe boutique! This is one of the many reasons why I love a good indie -- accessible products (as long as you don't mind ordering online) at reasonable prices, handmade by extraordinarily talented individuals.

I really can't say which fragrance is best over the other; while my personal favourite is 10 of Cups, the other three are incredible as well. There are two new ones coming out soon, which you can pre-order: Possession and Dreams to Sell. I can already tell they'll be worth trying! Seriously, run, don't walk (metaphorically) to the storefront to try these wonders. Remember, MEMENTO15 gets you 15% off all orders until Tuesday, May 27!

*Products sent for review. No monetary compensation given. All opinions are my own.

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