An At-Home Spa With the Moroccan Hammam Kit -- Review, Photos

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Have you ever heard of a hammam? I hadn't until I was contacted for the opportunity to review Moroccan Hammam's products. Apparently, it's a type of spa in Morocco, and you can read about the process and its benefits here. For those of us who aren't in Morocco and can't jet off to visit for a spa, the Moroccan Hammam brand can bring the experience to your home.

The Moroccan Hammam kit($43), contains a 180 ml jar of  Black Soap, a Kessa glove, a 180 ml jar of Rassoul, and a 70ml bottle of Argan oil. The products are natural and organic, and the brand supports local cooperatives. Everything is made in and shipped from Morocco.

The process of the spa takes four steps:

Step One: Black Soap

First, get your body nice and wet and spread the black soap all over. You really only need a little bit, so this jar should last a while. The Black Soap doesn't foam much, but it's not supposed to. It also doesn't dry out my skin. It has a nice orange flower scent (though it also comes in eucalyptus scent). Leave it on for about five minutes before the next step...

INGREDIENTS: Water, eucalyptus globules or rosemarinus officianlis, natural soap.

Step Two: Kessa Glove

This is my favourite part: exfoliation! I used to find scrubbing my body a hassle, but this glove is extraordinary. It exfoliates so, so well without being harsh. The Kessa glove works in conjuction with the Black Soap, but I'm assuming it can be used with any soap, shower gel, or scrub. 

Step Three: Rassoul
After your skin is nicely-exfoliated and rinsed, it's time to apply the Rassoul. Rassoul apparently acts as a wick to absorb impurities from the skin, and doesn't affect the skin's natural moisture barrier. It's also safe for sensitive skin and dyed hair (yep, it can be used on hair too!) and environmentally-friendly. Awesome!

Apply a layer of Rassoul all over the body and leave it for 10-15 minutes. I usually just leave it for about five minutes, because I get bored in the shower. The Rassoul has a eucalyptus scent, which I find a bit strong, but I do enjoy rubbing the product over my skin and the scent would be great for stuffy noses! You can also apply it all over your hair and scalp, again leaving it for 10-15 minutes and then rinse and follow up with your regular shampoo/conditioning routine. I find both ways leave my hair and skin clean and refreshed.

The only downsides to the Rassoul are that it's a bit messy, and I don't think the jar will last as long as the Black Soap -- I've used it all over my body and hair twice now, and about half the jar is remaining, whereas I have a good 3/4 of the Black Soap left.

INGREDIENTS: Dark beige natural clay, glycerine, essential oils.

Step Four: Argan Oil

Lastly, step out of the shower and it's time to apply the Argan Oil! Argan oil has been huge the past few years, and after trying Moroccan Hammam's offering, I can see why. It can be used on the face, body, hair, and nails. I only need a drop to cover all my nails/cuticles, and a few drops to cover my arms and legs. I usually just use what's left over on my palms to smooth my hair, as it's very fine, but a drop or two might work better if your hair's thicker/coarser. The Argan Oil is great at softening the skin and hair, as well as adding shine to the latter. It takes a few minutes to absorb and isn't overly greasy or sticky, and I also don't detect much of a scent to it. I love it!

As you can probably tell, I'm loving these products from Moroccan Hammam. They're effective and I love how enviromentally- and skin-friendly they are! Moroccan Hammam even has an Ideas & Tips page on how to use the products for hair, body, and face. The only caveat is that shipping to Canada starts at $18.99, but the products are shipped out of Morocco so it's understandable. I do hope spas and stores start carrying the line, as I think many people can benefit from the products!

Have you tried Moroccan Hammam products or anything like them?

*Products sent for review. All opinions are my own.

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