CBB Guest Post: Jayne of Cosmetic Proof's Nail Art Tools

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Today I have a special guest post from the wonderful Jayne of Cosmetic Proof! As I am lucky enough to have been selected Blogger of the Month for April at Canadian Beauty Bloggers, I was asked to guest post on Megan Joy's blog and have Jayne guest post on mine! Continue reading to learn some helpful insight on nail art tools! Thanks Jayne for the great post!


Hi everyone!
Thank you to Steph for letting me guest post on her blog! I have been following Beauty Infinitum for almost 2 years now and when it comes to a blog that’s fresh and fun to read this is the one! When it comes to indie makeup companies, Beauty Infinitum is your stop as there have been a number of brands that I did not know of until reading about them here!
What got me into blogging was NAIL ART so I thought it would be fitting to dedicate a post to my most favourite tools in the whole world – my nail art tools!

 My favourite first must-have is a file to shape my nails. I prefer the banana files as I find the curve compliments the arc of the filing motion. I also like a 180 grit on my nail files.

Then there are my dotting tools. These are my babies and can be used to create so many wonderful manicures. I use a set of 5 double-ended metal dotting tools that range from a large tip to one of the finest tips I have ever seen! I know you can use a number of household items as dotting tools, but there is NOTHING like a genuine dotting tool in your hands! I purchased these from Born Pretty and also come in their own little storage case.

Tweezers and a wax pencil are an absolute MUST for picking up glequins, crystals and various sized studs. These tweezers are MEGA sharp and should be covered when not in use because I have poked myself before and it does not feel good when that happens! Tweezers are great for picking up striping tape as well as peeling decals from their backing.
Wax pencils mean that you don’t have to use top coat to pick up studs anymore! Just use this pencil plunk your studs onto your nail! You can get both of these items at Born Pretty.

An angled brush like this one is perfect for cleaning up polish from cuticles and for giving you that perfectly curved polish line. You can also use a cheap angled eyeliner brush like the ones from ELF. This is my favourite nail art brush as I find the tip to be the most precise, allowing me to draw incredibly intricate designs all by hand.

And finally, I like to use a little glass container to hold my acetone for clean-up followed by my trusty fan. It’s loud, but the breeze it generates is really quite good and does speed up my dry time quite a bit especially between coats. These items were also purchased from Born Pretty.

If you are just getting into nail art or aren’t quite sure where to start, get the dotting tools. You will be amazed at what you can create with just some simple dotting tools! 

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  1. Jayne always has amazing nail looks so I will take all her advice and get me some of these tools!

  2. I've never heard of a wax pencil! Great tip! :)

  3. I shouldn't be surprised that Jayne has such a technical tool kit for her fingertips, but still I am impressed!

  4. Such professional looking tools! I really need to get a wax pencil. Maybe then I'd try the little decorations I have.