Winners Finds: BCBGMAXAZRIA, Shiseido, NARS

My family is awesome and tends to give me Winners gift cards for Christmas and my birthday, causing many a stalking session of the beauty department and clearance. I'm quite impressed with my finds this time around!

First up, this cozy cardigan by BCBGMAXAZRIA (officially called "Etain Cable Knit Peplum Cardigan"):

This is my most amazing find, savings-wise. It was on clearance, and I got it for a measly $16. What was the regular price?

$218!!!! Does anyone really pay that much for sweaters? I think $16 is a great price, designer brand or not. I'm not 100% convinced the half-peplum thing is flattering on me, but it's a warm, cozy sweater so whatevs. Here's a model picture.

Next, makeup:

Shiseido Collector's Edition Makeup Palette, from holiday 2010. I found this in the beauty clearance section, in one of those security-sealed boxes (which they really should put all the mid/high-end makeup in, because it's soooo often broken into otherwise).

$15, was $50 USD when it debuted.

I wish they had foregone the teensy brushes and increased the size of the products, especially the eyeshadows and blush. But hey, can't argue too much for $15 (technically free with gift card), now can I?

And my most recent acquisition; the NARS x Pierre Hardy Vertebra nail polish duo (from Summer 2013).

$16.99, regular $29 USD. They come with a dust bag too which is adorable. I've tried the coral shade, Vertabra Left, but unfortunately smudged it before it dried so no pictures yet. :( It's almost a one-coater and gorgeous though!

Have you found any exciting deals lately?

Products purchased myself with gift cards. All opinions are my own.


Tracy@Beauty Reflections said...

NICE DEALS! i never find anything at my Winners. Makes me SAD hahaha!

Eleni said...

I can't believe how much these guys will charge for an item and then reduce it by that much. Goes to show how much profit these guys make. Regardless, glad you snapped up those deals. That cardigan would be perfect for snuggling up around the house.

I wish we had something like Shoppers in Australia. Nobody wants to give us discounts hahaha.

Jasmine Li said...

Amazing finds~~~~~

Natalie Loves Beauty said...

I love Winners, and I agree they should seal most of the makeup products. Great finds and bargains! :)

Jayne said...

Wow! AMAZING finds in PERFECT condition!

jenn f said...

winners is /the best!/ i find awesome things there all the time esp in the beauty section.
A Beautiful Zen

eight said...

Mine's usually pretty picked over or sometimes good stuff is broken into/smashed to bits. RIP Clarins and Bobbi Brown palettes I would have bought. :(

eight said...

Yeah, and you know they probably still make profit off it! I'd hate to see how much it actually costs to produce those clothes.

On the bright side, Oz has the awesome FFC and de Leon!

eight said...

Thank you!

eight said...

Thanks! I really wish they would. My location seems to be better at it these days but stuff like eyeshadow singles are still unlocked and broken into. :(

eight said...

Sometimes you get lucky! One of the tags on the sweater is coming off though, the made in China one I think. hahaha

eight said...

Yay, more Winners lovers! I stalk the beauty section so much the staff probably think I have a problem.

MizzJ said...

Those are some amazing finds!! The Winners in Vancouver never seem to get stuff like that whenever I go.

beauty ∞ infinitum said...

Sometimes there's nothing that interesting when I go, but stalking the store (going once a week or more often) can yield some pretty great results!

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