Born Pretty Store Sweet Color S047 Nail Polish Review, Photos

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


There seems to have been a pause in the matrix. Anyway, here I am, back with another Born Pretty Store polish review!

This is Sweet Color S047*, a gorgeous chestnut/chocolate brown with caramel shimmer (now I'm hungry). You can buy it for $6.14 USD (12ml) with free shipping. The formula is really good and my swatch shows two coats (over base coat and with top coat). It has a bit of weird smell -- if you've ever smelled Cherimoya's crackles, it smells like those. It's not a terrible smell, in my opinion, but it might catch you off-guard. I'm not sure of the ingredients, so I unfortunately can't tell what exactly causes the smell (there is what I think is an ingredients list on the bottom of the bottle, but it appears to be in Chinese which I can't read).

The lasting power of this polish for me (with base and top coats) is an average 2-3 days before tipwear and some chips appear. Not spectacular, but not terrible, either. Drying time is about average as well.

I really like this shade, as someone who usually wears jewel tones, brights, and metallics; it's a nice change and perfect for fall/winter! The price is right, especially with the free worldwide shipping Born Pretty offers.

Use the code BFNW10 to get 10% off your order at Born Pretty Store!

Tell me, are you enjoying fall (or spring for upside-downers)? We have snow today!

*Product provided for review. No monetary compensation given. All opinions are my own.

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  1. I really don't like the smell of these, also I am not sure if these are 3 free. Nonetheless the color you picked is super gorgeous!