Local Loves: Great Canadian Soap Co. Gardener's Hand Scrub Review, Photos

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Shopping indie gives me good feels, and shopping at a local indie gives me special good feels, like I've opened the door to my own Narnia. I'd heard of The Great Canadian Soap Co. before, but as it's about a twenty minute drive away, in Brackley, Prince Edward Island, I hadn't ventured out there until recently. The opportunity to go arose when I received a voucher through GetGifted (a company that gives out a limited number of vouchers from local merchants every week, though it's currently only available in a select few cities) for two free bars of soap. One of the bars I gave to my sister, and I'll be reviewing the other at a future date, but today I want to talk about this gem: The Gardener's Hand Scrub.

I bought this hand scrub mainly as a pre-manicure treatment, and am I ever glad I did! I used to sorely neglect my hands when it comes to exfoliating (and, uh, still don't exfoliate the rest of my body nearly as much as I should...), but after using this I can't see ever going back. Its ingredients list is simple, should check off most or all requirements of natural product buffs, and most importantly -- it's effective.

The Gardener's Hand Scrub is a dry mix and, as the directions above state, all that is needed is to add water to make a paste. I just sprinkle some mix into a bowl and add a bit of tap water, adjusting if needed until it's fairly thick.

Here's the dry mix...

And with water added,  looking like a strange meal gone wrong. ;)

The Gardener's Hand Scrub has a lot of grit to it, but not enough to actually break the skin (as long as you aren't scrubbing too hard, of course). What it does, instead, is leave my hands sooo soft. Seriously, amazingly, extraordinarily soft. As I said before, I bought this to use before manicures, and it really helps soften my cuticles as well. I can't speak for its intended purpose of removing stains due to gardening, but with all the radiant, soft hands and cuticles going on, I'm going to assume it would do that job well (though I would recommend rinsing well under the nails because some of the mixture can get stuck in them).

The only thing I dislike about this scrub is the scent, which is a bit too floral for my nose. I'm not really big on floral scents though, and I'm sure plenty of people will enjoy the scent (maybe gardeners, in particular, as the hand scrub is targeted to them). It does linger a bit on the hands after scrubbing but it's not too cloying. It's not enough to detract me from using the scrub, though I do wish there were more scent options (or an unscented version).

The Gardener's Hand Scrub is $6.50 CAD for 150g. It can be bought in-store and online. They carry pretty much everything bath and body-related too.
 Shipping is a bit pricey at a flat rate of $15 within Canada ($10 within Atlantic provinces, $5 in PEI), and $20 in the US. Their shipping policy states it's due to the weight of soap, and I know Canada Post's rates can get pretty high. What I recommend to those of you who don't live on PEI and want to order is to try to do a group order to save on shipping costs. Those who live on PEI or have the opportunity to visit, I highly recommend checking out the store as it is very lovely! You can meet their goats too who are adorable.

You can read more about the Great Canadian Soap Co. here, and how they make their soap here. I'll be reviewing the bar I have soon!

Do you have any local favourites? Going to come to PEI to check out the store? :D

Product purchased myself. All opinions are my own.

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  1. This soaps sounds great! I love supporting local businesses :)


  2. i am planning to take an extending visit to the east coast in the next year or so... i will definitely put this on my list on places to visit! the hand scrub sounds amazing. i need softer hands. :)

  3. Oh wow this is interesting, but it looks a bit messy, I think I'll stick with normal sugar scrub :/

  4. I love when a scrub is gritty! Unfortunately I can't use hand scrubs because of my eczema ):