Detrivore Graveyard Collection Review, Swatches -- Part 1

Thursday, October 10, 2013

 Detrivore Cosmetics is an indie gem. The Graveyard Collection exemplifies this beautifully. Consisting mainly of neutrals, this collection is made up of 22 loose matte eyeshadows. I own 20 of them and will be showing you 10 of them today.

All swatches taken under daylight bulb, no flash, and no primer was used. Click each image to enlarge.

Ossuary: Hard to see in this swatch as it is close to my skintone. On me, it's the perfect all-over lid shade to neutralize or use as a base. Would make a nice highlighting shade on darker skintones.

Mourning: An orangey beige; another good all-over lid colour.

Sarcophagus: A warm orangey-brown. Not my fave as I prefer cooler browns, but I bet it would look nice on warmer skintones!

Mortician: The essential matte black. The swatch was sweeped on with a brush, but you can get even more opacity by packing it on. A definite must if you don't already own the perfect matte black!

Adipocere: A gorgeous, cool grey. Would make a great smokey eye with Mortician.

Exhumation: Another brown on the warm side, but one I quite like on myself. Nice crease shade for lighter looks, or lid shade paired with Funeral.

Funeral: Yummy darker brown! Love it in the crease.

Tomb: Pretty, dusty taupe/lilac shade. One of my favourites!

Casket: A pale pinkish lavender. Leans slightler more pink than my photo shows.

Coffin: A plummy, warmer purple. Remind me to try it with Casket and Tomb!

Each shade costs $6 USD for a 5 gram jar. The texture of these is amazing -- many mattes are on the chalky side, but these are the exact opposite. Each shade is nicely pigmented but can also be toned down by using a light hand and lots of blending. And do they ever blend seamlessly! They are some of the easiest shadows to work with that I've tried, excelling in pretty much every area you can think of. Being loose, fallout can occur but I haven't much issue when I tap the excess into the lid of the jar.

I can't recommend The Graveyard Collection enough to those who love neutrals and mattes, as well as those who are new to indie loose shadows. It is beautiful, inexpensive, and so great to work with!

Stay tuned for 10 more swatches, coming Sunday or Monday, as I'm taking off for the weekend. ;)

Ingredients: Sericite Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Carnauba Wax, Magnesium Myristrate, Myristic Acid, Magnesium Hydroxide, Iron Oxides, Ultramarines, Manganese Violet, and Ferric Ferrocyanide.
Have you tried anything by Detrivore? Do you like mattes/neutrals? Let me know!

Products purchased myself. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Replies
    1. They definitely changed my perception of mattes!

  2. WOW these look great! And you know I love me some matte eyeshadows! I'll have to look into them for sure!

  3. I own this collection and it has to be my most used set. I miss the 10/$20 sales but I realize that wasn't financially feasible for the shop.

    1. They are so versatile and easy to use, aren't they?

  4. I love the greys especially the lighter one! I find it so hard to find pigmented non-chalky greys and this one looks great!

    1. Pigmentation is great on all of these, which is awesome!

  5. Wow! What beautiful mattes! The pigmentation looks AMAZING!!!

  6. Wow, great swatches! Perfect names for Halloween though ahah

    1. Thanks! Very timely for Halloween. :D

  7. the swatches look incredible!! i haven't heard of this brand before... i will have to look into picking some of these shadows up. thanks for sharing! :)