Winners Find: Smashbox Runway Ready Beauty Kit

While I've found some neat things at Winners, this is the first in several visits (I'm there nearly every week -- addict much?) that I've had an "OMG!" moment.

A few days ago, I spotted this Smashbox Runway Ready Beauty Kit for $24.99, comparable at $68. I couldn't find a lot about it online, but it seems to be an older release from 2010, and I think it might have originally been $40, though that could have been a sale price.

What's included:

Travel size angled blush brush
Medium size Lip Enhancing Gloss in Illume, .12fl oz/3.6ml
Medium size Lip Enhancing Gloss in Crystal, .12fl oz/3.6ml
Travel size Photo Finish Foundation Primer, .5fl oz/15ml
Fusion Eye & Cheek in On in 5, .30oz/8.6g
Eye Shadow Trio in, .10oz/2.6g

Three awesome things about this: the kit was shrinkwrapped (which is always awesome at a store like Winners where too many customers like to open and try things without buying); the travel size primer is actually half the size of the full-sized version; and the kit accidentally had two Fusion eye & cheek palettes! Not entirely sure what I'm going to do with the extra... future giveaway maybe?

Speaking of giveaways, congrats to Alicia B who won my City of Bones + Splat giveaway! I've already been in contact with her. The Spicy Giveaway is still going on until August 14 at midnight EST (adult-only and US/Canada-only)!

Have you spotted any great deals lately?

Product purchased myself. All opinions are my own.


Jasmine (TheHappySloths) said...

Very nice! Haven't been to winners in a while, thank goodness lol.
I have seen similar kits before but they are always torn to bits and pieces are missing :(

Michelle Nicole said...

Such a great deal! I dont usually find stuff at winners or find them too pricey but Id def pick this up if I saw it!

Cheryl van den Berg said...

I actually really like everything that comes in the kit, especially the size of the foundation primer.

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eight said...

Yeah, I often see kits torn to bits too. I must have gotten lucky!

eight said...

Yeah, some things at Winners aren't much cheaper than usual retail but sometimes you'll find a real steal.

eight said...

It's a great size! It'll probably last a while too.

Jayne said...

Oh wow! GREAT FIND! Shrink wrapped products are like finding gold at Winners! That and freshly put out display of cosmetics!

eight said...

Yes! It's like Christmas morning!

graceyjohnson said...

I love smashbox stuff :) They are the answer to the the question of how to tighten loose skin.

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