Recent Buys: The Body Shop and Winners

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Yes, yes, I know -- another buys post! I thought I should post though, as I still have a few details to finish up for some upcoming reviews!

The Body Shop has an awesome sale going on, in-store and online. I'm not sure when it ends but the site says "while supplies last", so I'd check it out soon if you are interested! Some things might differ between in-store and online, too (e.g. I don't think any of the travel sizes were 50% at my location, but they are online). Here's what I bought:

Olive Body Scrub 300ml: This was on for $10, regular $20. I'm not really a fan of the olive scent (smells like salad to me), but it was the only jumbo scrub on sale at my store. I do love TBS scrubs though, so hopefully I'll acquire a taste (nose?) for the smell!

Rainforest Radiance Shampoo for Coloured Hair 400ml: On sale for $5, regular $14. I love sulfate-free shampoos, and I had a good experience with the Rainforest Moisture shampoo so I decided to pick this one up. They also had mini kits with two each of 60ml shampoo and conditioner, plus a comb for $5, but I figured this had the best bang for the buck.

Sweet Lemon Soap 100g: This was $1 at my store, regular $4. All of the Sweet Lemon products seem to be on sale, and the soap is $2 on the site -- so do check out both the site and in-store if you can to compare deals.

My mom went with me too and she bought the Floral Acai Body Butter Duo 200ml for $5, regular $20. All of the body butter duos are online too for $5 each. I was also really, really tempted to get the Raspberry Body Butter that is on sale for $10. I sniffed it and it smells heavenly! I just have way too many body butters, lotions, and creams to get through already. I hope they release the scent in hand cream or shower gel format!


Yes, Winners again! I still had a bit of money left on my gift card, and enchanted with people in other provinces showing off their NARS Andy Warhol finds, I had to go again. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find anything by NARS... but I did find some Stila items!

Stila Love at First Blush Palette: This was released last year as part of their spring collection, and I've wanted it since then. How could I not? It's pink and has hearts! I've been loving (no pun intended) blush lately, so I was really happy to see this for $7.99, comparable at $16. It's so pretty.

I also saw some Stila and Smashbox eyeshadow trios for $8.99/$9.99, but I refrained from buying any as I have such a huge stash of eyeshadow already that I'll never use up in my entire life.

I do still wish we'd get something really exciting like NARS though....

Have you found any great deals lately? Do let me know!

Items purchased myself with either my own funds or a gift card. All opinions are my own.   

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  1. wow great steal for the stila blush! ;0

    1. Gotta love getting Stila at a discount!

  2. I want to pick up something at the local Body Shop, but I should also stop spending...

  3. ooooh NICE find at winners, sooooo jealous

    1. I was really happy to find it!!

  4. Replies
    1. Agreed! Gotta love anything makeup with pink hearts!

  5. That blush is gorgeous! I love Winners!

    1. It was a great find! Gotta love Winners!