Google Reader Says Bye on July 1: Import Your Favourite Blogs To Bloglovin

Saturday, June 29, 2013

edit: My previous title said GFC was going away, but as far as I'm aware, it's staying while only Google Reader is now defunct. Sorry for any confusion!

As you've probably heard, Google Reader will be shutting down this Monday, July 1st. If you use it to read your favourite blogs, you will have to find an alternate reader. Bloglovin is what I use and I recommend it to anyone who hasn't already made the switch.

Bloglovin has made it easy to import the blogs you follow via Google Reader with their import tool. Just sign up, select the account you use Google Reader with and click Accept.

Here's an example of what Bloglovin's feed looks after you've imported or started following blogs. On the left are the newest posts, and on the right are the blogs you follow along with how many unread posts there are. You can click each blog link to see their posts or just scroll down your feed to see everything in order.

To add other blogs, type in the address or name in the "Search blogs" column and hit enter. There, you can click "Follow" under the proper blog. You can also directly go to the blog owner's account if they have one. Here's mine!

If you're a blogger, you can claim your blog here. To get the link to your blog's Bloglovin page, just click your blog's title in black after claiming it.

I haven't covered everything here, but there's a handy Help page if you're confused about anything!

Hope this helps a bit!

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