Summer Beauty: Coloured Eyeliner Featuring Annabelle, Nars, & More -- Pictures, Swatches

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Summer is almost here. It might not feel like it in your neck of the woods, and until lately it hasn't in mine, either. But we're finally getting days in the 20s (~70s F) and it's definitely put me in a spring/summer-time mood!

One of my favourite ways to update my makeup for spring/summer is by using coloured eyeliner. It's such an easy, but gorgeous way to make your eyes pop. Plus, I hear it's on-trend, if that's something you look for!

How I generally wear it is on the upper lashline, with a neutral shadow that nearly matches my skintone to disguise any veins or redness. Add some mascara, blush or bronzer, a soft lip colour, and done! Another way to use is on the lower lashline, or by adding it above black eyeliner (double lining).

Here are some products I like for creating this look:

Pencil Eyeliner

Probably the most obvious tool to use! Many brands have eyeliner pencils in various colours, so it's really all a matter of finding the formula that's right for you. Wet 'n' Wild offers a good budget pick with their Color Icon Pencils (shown here in Green, far left, and Purple, far right). Each costs about $0.99 USD/$1.99 CAD and are available at drugstores and Walmart. The formula isn't spectacular, but the pigmentation is good and they last well enough on my lids. I think they're a great way to try out coloured liner without breaking the bank!

For a creamer, smudgier pencil, I like Stila's Kajal Eye Liner in Amethyst (show here between the ColorIcon liners). This seems to be discontinued, but can still be bought through Amazon. I found mine at Winners for $8.99 CAD or so, so I would check there if you have a store in your area (I often see Stila there, so there's a chance this pencil could show up again!)

WNW Color Icon Green, WNW Color Icon Purple, Stila Kajal Amethyst

Better view of WNW Color Icon Green and Purple

Green and Purple are both fairly easy to work with, though not as pigmented as Amethyst. You can see where excess product fell off in the swatch of Purple. I still think the WNW liners are worth spending a buck or two on if you don't have any other coloured pencils.

Eyeshadow Pencils
One of my favourite ways to wear coloured liner is by using eyeshadow pencils. I actually don't usually wear them for their intended purpose of eyeshadow! I find they offer better pigmentation and I like the thicker line they give. I have read some bad reviews of NARS' Soft Touch Shadow Pencils, but I didn't have a problem using Skorpios (above, far left) as an eyeliner. It's a beautiful shimmery copper which I love! (Mine suffered a bit of damage when I went to sharpen it -- apparently this one couldn't be sharpened, nor could it twist up either. It is a mini though, from the Beach Lover set. I'd expect the $24 USD/$28 CAD  full-size makes more sense.)

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Shadow Pencils probably need no introduction. I'm (surprisingly) not that familiar with their 24/7 eyeliner pencils, but I expect these are similar. Delinquent (above, middle) is a stunning deep purple with purple sparkles, perfect for hot summer nights out or adding a bit of pizzazz (does anyone use that word anymore?) to complete your look. These shadow pencils are a bit pricy at $20 USD/$24 CAD, but might be worth it for the beautiful shades.

My most favourite of them all: Annabelle Smoothie Eye Shadow Pencil in Acaidasiac (above, far right). I could write love songs to this pencil. It is so creamy, pigmented, and long-lasting -- but the colour! One of the most perfect blues, in my opinion.  I highly, highly recommend this to anyone who loves blues. These pencils are very affordable at $8.95 CAD and are available at Canadian drugstores and Walmart. now ships within Canada and to the US!

You'll need a jumbo sharpener for both the Urban Decay and Annabelle Pencils. You should be able to find one at drugstores or you can buy UD's version. 

Annabelle Smoothie in Acaidasiac, Urban Decay 24/7 in Delinquent, NARS Soft Touch in Skorpios

The swatch doesn't do enough justice to Acaidasiac, which has more shimmer. You can see the lovely sparkles in Delinquent though, and the gorgeousness of Skorpios!

Gel Liners

Gel liners are also a great way to add a pop of colour. I love Annabelle's  SmudgePaint Creamy Gel Shadow + Liner in Plummed (above), a blackened purple suitable if you want don't want a bold shade, or prefer darker liners. The formula is creamy and easy to use, especially with the decent built-in brush in the cap. It won't break the bank either at $10.95 CAD!

Annabelle  SmudgePaint in Plummed

SmudgePaints can also be used as shadows, and I think Plummed would make a great base for a smokey eye!

You'll notice I didn't include any liquid eyeliners -- reason being, I'm pretty terrible at maneuvering them, so I haven't really bothered to try many. I know there are some great options out there, like Milani and Urban Decay!

What are your favourite types of eyeliner and brands? Do you like coloured liner? Let me know!

Products purchased myself. All opinions are my own.

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  1. I love the annabelle smoothie liners as well! I have the purple and the blue :) Im kind of scared of thin regular eyeliner pencils.. they always pull my skin but I love the jumbos!

    1. Aren't they great? I like how smoothly jumbo pencils tend to go on!

  2. I have problems with branching out into new brands. I usually stick with my UD liners, because everytime I try new ones ( thinking specifically of Milani here) I have allergic reactions, or they dont last well. Stila is one I have picked up recently and LOVE. I should probably review it soon >.>
    Great post, lots of things to drool over and add to my "Must Try" list!

    1. That's too bad you have allergic reactions! I haven't played around with UD liners much but I should as I always hear great things.

      Thanks so much!

  3. I have the annabelle one as well, from an old old glymm box, I still use it sometimes, love it!

    1. Back when Glymm was good and didn't scam everyone :( I'm pleasantly surprised the liner didn't dry out since mine is a year old now lol!

  4. I have colored liner in white and blue, but I think I might branch out into other colors this summer.

    Oh to Be a Muse
    Shop Layered Muse

    1. I love blue a lot. Golds, bronzes, and purples I think would look great this summer!