Blog Every Day in May: Days 11-14 -- 10 Words, What I Miss, Apology, Happy Things

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

So sorry for slacking on this! I wanted to be caught up but I ended up getting a UTI on Saturday which kicked my butt into submission. I'm getting better now, so time to do the next four prompts!

Day 11: Sell yourself in 10 words or less

 Funny, strange, cat-lover, kind, stubborn... I need five more words for this?? Bad-at-selling-herself-apparently.

Day 12: What do you miss? (a person, a thing, a place, a time of your life...)

I mostly miss my cat, Oreo. She died two years ago and I still think about her every day. I got her when I was 14 and she was as close to a best friend as a pet can be. I couldn't take her when I moved in with my boyfriend (now husband) because he's allergic to cats. I did get to see her about once a week or more when I went over to my parents' house, but I really regret not being able to be with her during her last moment. I just hope she wasn't scared or lonely, and I am at least happy she was able to have a good home with lots of love, treats, and catnip toys.

RIP, Oreo. May you eat all the Temptations in Kitty Heaven.

Day 13: Issue a public apology. This can be as funny or as serious or as creative as you want it to be.


...and I'm sorry for repeating it now.

Day 14: Ten things that make you really happy

In no particular order:

  • My husband, because he is my biggest supporter and always cheers me up.
  • Cats, because they are gorgeous and cute and cuddly and funny.
  • The Facebook groups I'm in and my friends from them.
  • Really delicious food, especially if it's actually healthy.
  • Finding a really good deal on makeup, food, or coffee!
  • The tweet I got from George Takei (through my old handle, @minotaurbb).
  • Jennifer Lawrence.
  • Mint for clothes, accessories, shoes, and makeup!
  • Those pet reunion posts that show up every now and then on Buzzfeed
  • Lincoln, the former quadriplegic kitten. Look at the videos of his therapy compared to the recent ones. Such a happy recovery story! 

This kind of turned into a cats post, which is what happens when I'm not writing about beauty products. I need to go to rehab. Kitty rehab. They give you kittens there, right?

You can see the original challenge post here, and read my previous answers here!

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  1. OMG you got a tweet from george takei!!!! I would die happy if I got a tweet from him!

    1. I know, right??? And one time he reposted a macro I made that I had posted on his fb page. BEST GUY.

  2. I so turn every conversation I have into kitty talk!! My friends must be tired of knowing what funny thing my cats did but bless them they listen to it all :)

    1. It's hard not to talk about them when they are so cute and silly!