Spring Wishlist: Annabelle, NARS, Femme Fatale, Milani, etc!

Beautysets - Spring Wishlist 

Hello! Despite the fact that I am currently trying to cull my collection, there are still a few pieces I  want (and hope) to pick up this spring. Not that it feels like spring right now, but I digress. Here's what's currently on my wishlist:

1. Annabelle CC Colour Control Instant Perfecting Base Natural Finish, $16.95 CAD: CC creams seem to be replacing BB creams in North America, and this one by Annabelle has received some good reviews. I think it would be nice to wear under my usual powder foundation for more coverage, or on its own for light coverage.
Also available in Luminous Finish and Pressed Powder.

2. Femme Fatale Cosmetics Fire Bloom Blush, $8 AUD (full size): I've been meaning to order more things from FFC, and what could be better than this duochrome blush?

3. Milani Color Statement Lipsticks,  $5.49 USD each: I think I need several shades of these new lipsticks. High-end feel with a budget price? I'll take 20 (well, I'll fantasize about it!)

4. NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, $30 CAD: I'm always on the lookout for a concealer that can actually hide my under-eye circles, and this one might be the ticket!

5. Shiro Cosmetics Ridiculously Photogenic Intertube, $6.50 USD (full size): Shiro's Intertubes are fantastic, and I need to buy more -- especially this fuchsia shade.

6. Color Club 2013 Holographic Halo Hues, $40 USD (set of 6): Holographic polishes that actually have a strong holo? Yes, please!

7. Real Techniques Your Eyes Starter Kit, $19.99 CAD: These brushes keep getting rave reviews, and they have made their way to Walmart here in Canada (and soon Lawtons), so yay for easy access!

8. DarlingClandestine Mad as Birds Perfume Oil , $18 USD: I have a sample of this which I love. This is a reworked version, which I trust will also smell amazing.
Also available in a solid. 

Not pictured:

One Hand Washes the Other Spring/Summer Collection: I need everything. Everything! Oh, and you should totally pick up Make It So, because I requested it ;D

Shiro There and Back Again: A Hobbit Collection: Gorgeous colours based on The Hobbit. What's not to love?

Detrivore Cosmetics foundation (unreleased): Currently in the works, but but I'm really excited for this! I love everything I've tried by Distorria (blush, eye shadow, lip gloss), so I expect her foundations will also be amazing.

I made the picture above using Beautysets, because I am Photoshop-impaired. It was very user-friendly and I recommend it! (I just wish it saved images in png instead of jpeg, due to the pixel-crunching). You can add me here if you like!

What's currently on your wishlist?


Larie said...

Nice! I have that RT set and I like it, though I don't use the liner brush at all. But the angled brow brush is nice! I also want to try the Annabelle CC cream, but it's not urgent, haha. I've got far too many base products as it is.

Gaby Fauchon said...

I am in LOVE with Annabelle CC Base in 'Natural' and the pressed powder is one of the best I have tried so far - although I haven't tried many !

Jasmine (TheHappySloths) said...

Oh I really want the Real Techniques set too!

Tracy@Beauty Reflections said...

Nice list! I'm testing out the Annabelle stuff, and the pressed powder is really good!

Cheryl van den Berg said...

Looks like a good beauty spring wishlist. I'm still working on my BB cream, but I will have to give that CC cream a try.

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Xlovehappyx said...

i'd love those color club halo polishes. Don't forget to enter my I ♥ Makeup giveaway!

Pop Champagne said...

those nail polish color is beautiful! love the metallic for it!

ellalogy said...

CC creams sound really interesting! I'd love to give one a try :) And yes, Real Techniques brushes are totally worth the hype. Hope you get your hands on some soon!

xx Ellie

Christie Marie said...

love your blog! keep it up!

i just did an outfit post :) what do you think about it?

i would appreciate it if you follow my blog too!

eight said...

I don't really need the Annabelle CC cream either, but it looks so nice!

eight said...

Yay! Glad you like!

eight said...

They're supposed to be at Walmart now here in Canada, but my store hasn't stocked them yet! :( Might have to try Lawtons instead!

eight said...

Thanks! I'm not as interested in the powder since I use powder foundation, but if I ever start using more liquids I'll definitely try it!

eight said...

I'm wondering if they'll have DD creams next ;)

eight said...

Me toooo!

eight said...

They all look so great and are supposed to have a strong holo effect!

eight said...

Thanks, I'll check out your blog!

eight said...

I hope to pick up the eyes set and travel essentials sometime!

Michelle Louie said...

Ooh! I want the color club holos and milani lipsticks as well! But I cant find them anywhere in stores :(

eight said...

I've heard of some people finding the Color Clubs at Winners, but no luck for me yet. I think the Milani lipsticks will come to Canada so I hope we both find them soon!

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