L'Oreal Hair Expertise Re-Nutrition Intense Mask Review, Photos

I have dry, fine, colour-treated hair, and lately I've been craving any conditioners or treatments that can give my hair a soft, luxurious texture. A few months ago I spotted L'Oreal Hair Expertise Re-Nutrition Intense Mask ($7.69, 300mL) on sale at Superstore so I decided to pick it up.

(A quick note -- I believe L'Oreal's Hair Expertise line is only available in Canada, but is branded as Elvive in other countries, such as the US and the UK. You can see here that the lines look identical, so if you are interested in this or other "Hair Expertise" products but aren't in Canada, do look for them under the Elvive label!)

This mask has Royal Jelly in it, with a jelly-like texture to match. I quite like it -- it's different than the typical cream texture of conditioners. It has a soft, non-cloying honey scent.

Sometime a bit strange is that part of the product around the edges can become darker and harden a bit. I suppose it's just from the concentration of ingredients? It doesn't affect the product at all, though; just squish the harder bits and they're fine.

I did like this mask a lot. It's easy to use -- just apply it to wet hair after shampooing and leave it in a few minutes then rinse, as you would a normal conditioner. It makes my hair pretty soft and manageable. It just doesn't add as much softness as I want; I have found a better product for that (which you will see a review of very soon!)

Another caveat is the jar packaging. It's nice to be able to scoop out as much as I need, but you need a bit of space in your shower to lay down the jar and lid. There's always soaps and razors on my shower's ledges which doesn't lend much space. I would have preferred a squeeze bottle or flip-top lid to make things more convenient.

Overall, this is a pretty decent mask at a budget price (and often goes on sale and there are usually coupons floating around). I'd recommend this to those with slightly dry or normal hair, though those whose hair is very dry will probably need a more moisturizing product. I've had luck with other Hair Expertise conditioners, like Nutri-Shimmer, so it's still a line worth checking out.

Have you tried this mask? What are your favourite hydrating conditioners/treatments? Let me know!

Item purchased myself. All opinions are my own.


ellalogy said...

Sounds like a good product! I'm always looking for good hair masks... my current favorite is one by Earth Science (a brand you can find at Whole Foods and online)... smells like a salon, is decently priced, and the ingredients are really healthy too! xo, Ellie

eight said...

Ooh, the Earth Science one sounds nice! I'll have to check it out!

Christie Marie said...

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Christine B. said...

I need a new hair masque and this sounds really interesting. I love anything with a honey scent.

Cheryl van den Berg said...

I'm always looking for conditioners that make my hair softer and more moisturized, so this sounds like a lovely product!

Vicky Hoang said...

i love to use keratase (brand owned by loreal) so i see where the good stuff is coming from ;D

My Blog: Caught in a Daze.

eight said...

Hope you enjoy it if you try it!

eight said...

I hope it works for you!

eight said...

I'm glad L'Oreal's lower price point products are generally pretty good, though I'd love to give Kerastase a shot too!

eight said...

Thank you! I'll check out your blog!

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