Topbox February 2013 Review, Photos

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

 Hey everyone! This month, Topbox shipped their boxes early (some are still being shipped until this Friday). I was one of the lucky ones who got theirs pretty early -- Monday to be exact. I know some people have received their boxes without receiving the tracking info, so if you're still waiting on it it might actually be on its way to you! (I got my tracking on Feb 1st, but it had been shipped on Jan 30th).

This is the second month of the Prive Boxes, the first where we made our wishlist to choose out of three brands (Benefit, Lippy Girl, Miracle 10) or opt out and get a regular box instead. You could select each brand on your wishlist for a higher chance of getting a Prive Box, but there was still only a chance. The hot contender this month of the three brands was Benefit, and the one I chose on my wishlist. Did I get it? Find out after the jump!


I think a lot of subscribers who get this box are going to be like the Nintendo SIXTY-FOUUUUUR kid!
The theme of the box is The Year of the Snake, for Chinese New Year (Feb 9th). This is the reason why the boxes were shipped so early this month -- Topbox wanted to make sure those receiving a Benefit box would receive it before Chinese New Year (the regular boxes and other Prive boxes are being shipped this week too though). The tube's design is gorgeous and I'll definitely be putting it on display; maybe using it for a brush holder too!

Other side of the tube

Let's take look at all the goodies!


"Rose-tinted lip & cheek stain."

Full size: $36 (12.5mL)
Sample size: $7.20 (2.5mL)

I actually received a sample of this way back in January 2012's Topbox, and I've only used it a couple of times. I might use the old sample for Valentine's and pass the new one on to my sister.


Such adorable packaging! I appreciate that the vial is shrink-wrapped as well.

The Porefessional

"PRO balm to minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines." 

Full size: $34 (22mL)
Sample size:  $11.74 (7.5mL)

I've also received this sample before, in the April 2012 Topbox. I am happy though -- I'm running low on primer, so a sample is always appreciated!

More cute packaging, with a tutorial for use inside the box!

Total Moisture Facial Cream

"Provides concentrated immediate & long-term hydration to thirsty skin."

Full size: $42 (48.2g)
Sample size: $7.78 (8.9g) 

This is a pretty nice cream. I actually won a full size in a contest last year, and I'm just about done of that jar. I know you're probably thinking, "Girl, why did you request this box if you've tried everything so far?" There is a method to my madness! You'll see...


Dandelion Gloss and Powder

"Brightening face powder + soft pearly pink lip gloss."

Full size: powder $36 (7g), gloss $18 (15mL)
Sample size: powder $15.45 (3g), gloss $7.79 (6.5mL)

This is why I really wanted the Benefit box! I've never tried a Benefit blush before, in spite of hearing great things about them. I've also been wanting to try the corresponding glosses since they debuted last year. This is the knockout set of the box, I think, and I'm really excited to try both these items!

The powder is almost half the size of the full-sized version! (It was also shrinkwrapped.)


Also included was this bonus card sample:

Bonus: Fine-One-One

"Sheer brightening cheek & lip trio gives your look instant LIFT, SHAPE and POP."
Full size: $36 (8g)
Sample size: ?   

This is a new product and has been getting mixed reviews, so I'm happy to have a small sample to try it out.

There was also a card with dates listed for a few different locations where Benefit is having CNY parties. Unfortunately, all the locations are in Ontario, Vancouver, and Edmonton so aren't applicable to me... So jealous of those who can make it!

Total box value: $49.96

Overall, this was an excellent box! Now I wonder what the regular Topbox this month looks like!

Subscription purchased myself. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Lucky you! I don't think I'm getting the Benefit box because I haven't gotten a shipping notification :( Benefit did an amazing job putting it all together though, which is exactly what I would expect from them!

    1. The regular box looks great, at least!

      Benefit did do an outstanding job. Their packaging is always great!

  2. Lucky girl!! I haven't gotten a shipping notice just like Valerie, so I will be getting just the regular Topbox, but hopefully it's still ok!

    1. I saw a spoiler of the regular box, and I think you might like it. :)

  3. Lots of great products in here! I have majority of them and they are all great

  4. I received the exact same products and could't have been happier! :)

    1. Yay! I'm pretty pleased (as you can tell)!

  5. Really great box this month. So many useful products!

    1. Yes! Definitely a well-rounded box.

  6. If u want to become fair try this cream Fairness Cream Thanks

  7. this box truly looked fantastic !!! - the lip gloss and lip shimmer were " full size" apparently, but are super tiny- they also feel super cheap when applied. i was very dissappointed! and then to hear that topbox was actually selling the benefit boxes?! ugh.... couldnt they just give the extras to us members that requested one?!

    1. sorry, i forgot to mention it was the" lippy girl" box.

    2. Ugh, yes, the fact they were selling some annoyed me. Not only that, they sent the email at a ridiculous hour (like 7am EST). I've been pretty happy with Topbox the time I've been subscribed, but some of their actions lately are really aggravating me :/

  8. I decided to resubscribe late so didn't get a choice so I ended up with the Miracle 10 box which they told me was on my wish list! I emailed them after the Benefit boxes sold out so quickly & they said it had been an experiment which they weren't going to repeat. I was persuaded to wait for the March box but it was disappointing so I'll probably give BB5 a try.

    1. That is so weird. Their management has been disappointing lately.

      I've been tempted to try BB5, especially since if you subscribe for a year it's only $8-something a box!