Life in Pictures, vol. 02

Sunday, February 17, 2013

(From left to right. Click picture to enlarge.)
1. One of my favourite healthy snacks, frozen blueberries.
2. Hammin' it up.
3. What Canadians drink to stay warm.
4. Tiny being silly.

5. My dad bought Tiny some Angry Birds toys, which my nephew thought were his!
6. A packet of Jasmine tea imported from China. "Aromatic flavour clear infusion homely refresher ideal gift." ???
7. Crystal Light Green Apple Martini mix. There may or may not be vodka in this.
9. I found a neat iPhone game, BreadKittens, which is like Pokémon except you catch feral kittens by... breading them!

10. RIP, e.l.f. Stipple Brus.h :(
11. My husband bought me Crystal Head Vodka for Valentine's Day!
12. Herbed baked salmon over rice. Yum.
13. OPI DS Bold, found at Winners for $9.99!

I've decided to make my Life in Pictures posts biweekly instead of weekly, so I have more opportunity and pictures to share. I hope you enjoy them! You can also follow me on Instagram to see more. I love seeing everyone's pictures too!

Have a great rest of the weekend (if you have Monday off)!

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  1. oooh that ELF brush is indeed dead! I love people's cat pictures! And BreedKittens sounds fun!

    1. Elf brushes are pretty good application-wise, but they can break easily :'(

  2. Your kitty seems pretty content with that toy :D

    1. He's usually pretty content with any toy he can find! Including beads and popcorn kernels, lol!

  3. This is a wonderful idea. Your kitty is darling, and you are so pretty! :D

  4. My hubs would love the frozen blueberries, and I am loving the apple martini!

    1. The Crystal Light Apple Martini mix is soooo good. I highly recommend!