Topbox January 2013 Review, Photos

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

This month, Topbox sent out each subscriber the very first Prive Box, a box featuring samples from only one brand. In future months, subscribers will be given a wishlist to choose which Prive Box they would like to receive, but only some will actually receive it (depending on the number of boxes available). Those who don't receive a Prive Box will get the regular Topbox, and subscribers can also choose not to fill out the wishlist if they just want a regular box.

Some people were confused about this month's box, as Topbox had sent out the first wishlist for February's box early (boxes are being shipped earlier next month as well), and this brand was not on the list. But everyone was meant to receive a Prive Box this month, with next month being when only some will receive

Topbox promised an iconic brand, and I have to say, they delivered! Clinique is not a brand I've used often, but I am pretty happy to receive this box.

Clarifying Lotion 3

"Formulated to help lift the world's impurities to create healthier, younger skin."

Full size: $16 (200mL), $27 (400mL)
Sample size: $2.39 (30mL -- using first value)

This is Step 2 of their 3-step skincare set. This was one of the samples customized to our beauty profile, and they did well to give me this one for Combination/Oily skin! This works as a toner and I will definitely make good use of this.

Rinse-Off Eye Makeup Solvent

"Make it a clean sweep, from lashes to brows. Or use for on-the-spot makeup fixes. Oil-free."

Full size: $25 (125mL)
Sample size: $12.02 (60mL)

I've tried this before, but I can't remember if it's as effective as Lancome's Bi-Facil. Either way, it's a great-sized sample and will definitely come in handy.

Colour Surge Eye Shadow Duo in 02 Like Mink

"Go-together shades of silky, easy-to-blend colour in a chrome slide compact."

Full size: $25 (2.5g)
Sample size: $15.63 (1.6g)

I was a bit wary when I heard there were eyeshadow duos in this box, but I'm happy to report the shades are quite buttery and pigmented! My wariness came from lackluster duos in previous GWPs (gifts with purchase) from Clinique, Lancome, and Estée Lauder. I guess Clinique has upped their game here. I do love these shades -- the cream has a nice sheen to it and the brown has subtle sparkles. My picture shows them a bit warmer than they really are; they're both a bit deeper in real life. The compact itself is quite nice as well, though the chrome part is a fingerprint magnet!

 Repairwear Laser Focus Wrinkle & UV Damage Corrector

"A second chance for skin against sun damage and wrinkles. At 12 weeks, the visible wrinkle-reducing power is remarkably close to a dermatological laser procedure. 63% to be exact."

Full size: $57 (30mL), $86 (50mL)
Sample size: $13.26 (7mL -- using first value)

Ah, the requisite wrinkle cream! I don't have wrinkles (yet), but sure, I'll play. I really like that it's a UV damage corrector too, as I'm sure many of us have made the mistake of not wearing sunscreen outdoors. The sample might not be that useful for me, but I'll still try it out on the very fine lines on my eyes.

Total box value: $43.30

Overall, I quite liked this box. Some people pointed out these items are usually given out as GWPs, but that would require buying something worth $30-35, and we're only paying $12 (plus tax) on this. Clinique isn't usually a brand I buy, so I'm glad to be able to try these items out.

What did you think of this month's Topbox? How do you feel about the Prive Boxes?

Subscription bought and paid for myself. All opinions are my own.

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  1. I'm glad that you like this box! I'm not totally sold on the Prive Boxes yet, so we will have to see what brands they come out with!

    1. I think it was a risk sending everyone a Prive box this month, but overall I'm pretty happy with it. I do like that we can see and choose which one[s] we want in the future, though not so much that we only have a chance of getting it. Oh well!

      I'm excited for the Benefit one -- did you choose any of them? I only chose Benefit so I guess I have a small shot at getting it!

  2. Oooh, I like the Prive Box concept. DEAR AMERICA BOXES. DO THIS.

    1. It's like the one thing they have going for them over the American boxes! :P I want to subscribe to Ipsy because you get theBalm and UD stuff!

  3. I like that Topbox is switching it up. They needed to or I was I subscribing after the horrid month before that. Nothing as customized to me, it was a lost month. This month I really enjoyed!! I got the 2 clarifying lotion and I'm really liking it. And the dark spot corrector which is exactly the product I wanted! I got the duo I liked the most too, the same as you. They did well and I'm exited for next month.

    1. Yes, they hadn't been doing that well the last few months. I'm really excited for next month as well, though I very much hope the regular boxes are as good as the Benefit box!

  4. I've heard good things about Clinique eyeshadows! The price makes them even more tempting :)

    Ellie | Ellalogy 

    1. I haven't tried the one I received on my lids yet but they seem pretty good from swatching!

  5. I love Clinique products so it's so cool that you were able to get so many of their things in this Topbox.

    1. It's pretty nice! Next month some of us will get a Benefit box (if we chose it on the wishlist and if we're lucky enough to be picked)!

  6. I'm not a fan of these boxes and I'm not sure how I would feel receiving a special box with products of only one brand...

    1. This one was a bit of a gamble on their part because everyone got one and we didn't know what brand it would be -- but we'll be able to see the brands and samples offered in future months with the Prive boxes (and able to opt out if we want).

      I have a love/hate thing with subscription boxes because sometimes they are awesome, and other times they're a letdown. Topbox wasn't doing that well the past few months, but I'm happy with this month's. It's always a risk though!