Topbox October 2012 Review, Photos

Friday, October 19, 2012

 Hey everyone! Today I have a review of October's Topbox. Topbox is a subscription beauty sample service program available in Canada, promising to provide 4 deluxe beauty samples for $10 (+ tax) a month. There is currently a wait list you have to join before you can get your first one and the wait will be a few months. I've actually been subscribed since December 2011, and I will soon be posting an overview and stats of each Topbox I've received. Do I think the service is worth it? Read on...

 This month's box only arrived at my home yesterday. This was the fault of Canada Post, though, and I can't put the blame on Topbox at all. They are actually very good at shipping the boxes and sending out tracking numbers around the 10th of every month, and this month was no different. For some reason, Canada Post had a delay in their facility so some of us ended up getting our boxes a few days late. I have to give props to Topbox for answering our questions and calling Canada Post to check where our boxes were!

 Unfortunately, a lot of people seemed to dislike this month's box. Topbox added on many new subscribers, and many didn't feel this was up to par with previous months' boxes. Here's what I received:

The list

 On the back of the card there is an offer to get a free Invanti botanical therapy hair treatment at Aveda with your next haircut or shampoo style. It's a nice offer though I'm not sure I'll use it, as I've read Aveda's cuts are expensive and I already have a hair stylist I'm loyal to. I'll probably pass this on to someone else.

Aveda Invanti Solutions for Thinning Hair - Exfoliating Shampoo and Conditioner
Full size: $27 / 200mL each
Sample: $1.35 / 10mL each

These samples have a really strong, herbal smell. They're also teensy, but at least they aren't in foil packets. My hair is thin and I do tend to lose a bit of it while brushing, so I'll happily use these. I'm not sure how many uses I'll get out of them, though I hope at least two!

MaskerAide All Nighter Hydrating Facial Sheet Mask
Full size: $4.99

I've read a lot about these masks on blogs lately, so I'm excited to try this! I haven't tried sheet masks before either, so double excitement. The All Nighter one is a perfect fit for me too as I tend to be awake well into the night. I do think $4.99 is a bit expensive for a one-time use mask, but hopefully it will be worth it. Topbox will also start selling these on their website soon.

Stila In the Garden Eyeshadow Palette
Full size: $50
Sample size: ?

This has been the most polarizing sample this month. Some people think it shouldn't have been included as a deluxe sample, while others are pleased. I'm on the fence. You can get these for free with an order from Sephora, but there are no Sephoras in my province and I'd have to buy something from them anyway, and then pay shipping... But then again, I do wish Topbox had included this as an extra and thrown in something else instead. They have said you can get more than one use out of the shadows so I'll try it. The colours do look nice.

Stila Prime Pot in Taffy
Full size: $26 (3.3 mL / 0.14 oz)
Sample size: $13 (0.07 oz)

This makes the box for me! This is a light pink eyeshadow primer, I think similar to MAC's Paint Pots. It's a great sample size and worth more than the subscription price. I might try it out with the eyeshadow samples.

Total box value: $20.69

All in all, it's an alright box. I'm going to continue subscribing because I really like the company, and most boxes have been great. Topbox has also been very gracious dealing with both praise and complaints -- they respond to every issue and ask how it can be fixed, what people would like to see in future boxes, etc. I really have to hand it to them for that; many companies brush off complaints or give a generic response. This is one of the major factors in my continuing to subscribe, as well as the fact that it's currently the lowest-priced subscription box service in Canada. I do have high hopes that future boxes will be more exciting.

Do you subscribe to Topbox? What do you think of this month's box?

Subscription purchased myself. All opinions are my own..

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  1. The prime pot is excellent - really great all-day wear and a good size. Even though this box wasn't my favourite, I still love Topbox; they're a great company.

    1. Good to hear about the prime pot! I haven't tried it yet.

      Topbox really is a great company. I honestly have no complaints about their service, other than the boxes sometimes being a bit unbalanced; but otherwise, they're great.

  2. As the lone male follower of this blog, I must confess that I know little to nothing about make-up; only how beautiful the one who wears it is every evening I see her =)

    I'm trying to make myself look as nice to her as she does to me:

  3. Hello! Found your blog through the Monday Blues blog hop! Great photos and reviews... I am very curious about Aveda haircare products (I just reviewed an Aveda "stress-relief" product on my blog!). Following you now, feel free to stop by my blog and say hello!

    x Ellie @ Ellalogy 
    deborah lippmann/fresh giveaway

    1. Hi! Thank you! I'm following your blog now :)

  4. looks great! New follower from the blog hop :) Can't wait to catch up on your posts!

    1. Thanks so much! I'm following you now too!

  5. My Oct TopBox included some anti-aging stuff from Endocare which is made in Spain & there was no ingredients list or application guidelines. I also received a Vasanti face polishing cream -g tot eh same one months ago in Glymm box. Wasn't overly impressed with the Stila offering. And I received the mask. For my first box I don't understand why there's such a waiting list. Hopefully the contents improve.

    1. Yeah, unfortunately this month's box wasn't the best introduction for new members. :( I do have high hopes for next month's though! Topbox is generally pretty good.