NOTD: Depression Awareness Month

Monday, October 01, 2012

Hey everyone, as October is Depression Awareness Month, I wanted to make a nail post dedicated to it. I have this post by Scrangie to thank for the inspiration. Please do go read it as it contains some valuable information about depression which I find very important, especially if you or someone you know has the illness.

I myself have been dealing with it -- in various levels of intensity -- for over a decade. It's been difficult, but fortunately, I've reached a point where I can go weeks and even months without having a depressive episode. I'm proud of myself for mustering through the terrible years, where every day was a challenge, and reaching a point where I'm not scared anymore. Relapses can happen, but I know I can get through them. If you or someone you know is suffering, please know that it can get better. You are strong and you can battle this out.

I did my nails to reflect Depression Awareness's colour which is green. I used silver on my ring fingers as a way to show a "silver lining" -- that the cloud of depression doesn't have to take over one's life, and there will be happy days.


Orly Nail Defense (base coat)
Finger Paints 'Avant Garde Green'
Barielle 'Night Moves' (ring finger)
China Glaze Fast Forward (top coat)

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I love this idea and I think I'm going to join in. I have dealt with depression, basically your pattern: horrible years but it gets better and better with some relapses.


  2. Love the idea, and thanks for doing this :)

    1. Thanks and no problem. It's the least I can do.

  3. Somehow I had no idea about Depression Awareness Month. I love your nails, and I love you even MOAR.

    1. I actually only know because of Scrangie!

      THanks and I LUV U!