DarlingClandestine Halloween Collection Review, Photos

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hey everyone! I have DarlingClandestine's Halloween collection scents to show you today!

I've seriously loved every DC scent I've sniffed and these are no exception. There are four individual scents (Falter, With, Squander, and Spurn) and they each come in a two dram (about 8ml) clear bottle with a dropper. They are only available in oil format. The scents can be bought individually for $13 USD each, all four for $44, or as a sample set for $10.

Each of these scents is unique and complex and smells damn good. There is no such thing as mediocrity when it comes to DarlingClandestine. Also, as with most indie scents, only a drop or two is needed to smell lovely. Each of these lasts several hours on my skin. Here are my thoughts on each scent (please keep in mind everyone's body chemistry is different so these might smell slightly different on me than they would on you, and so forth). Click the name of each scent to go to its individual listing:

“All at once, the electric panic that lights up your inadequacies like constellations. Kill it.”
Startling, misty, herbal, with notes including avocado and ozone and clary sage.

I didn't think I'd be one for herbal scents, but this is amazing. I can smell the avocado at first, but then the sage takes over it. It smells clean -- not like soap or mint or anything typically 'clean' -- but like walking through a field of fresh herbs. Invigorating and lush and calming at the same time.

“One Draconian day, the fissures into which your voluptuous youth dissolves. Welcome it.”
Unsettling, ethereal, with notes including ozone and blueberry and trampled leaves, soaked in black rum. 

One word: sexy. At first, this smells strongly of rum, but that note wanes a bit and mixes with the sweetness of blueberries, and the earthiness of leaves. It makes me want to go drinking outside in the middle of fall. A great, unisex scent that would be great to wear at a party or drinking at a pub. Or outside. In leaves.

“Rich as cello, the furious moments you wasted, never recognizing the fire at your command. Taste them.”
Deep and decadent, with rich fruitful notes including clove and nutmeg and sandalwood and ripe red apple.

I wish I could eat this. Seriously, I apply it to my wrists and I just want to bite them. It starts off with delicious apples and spices, and then the apple wanes and the spiciness takes over. It's like the best fall apple dessert ever created. Don't wear this on an empty stomach (or around very hungry people).

“At each silence, the ache of the blade that released your indecorous wrath. Twist it.”
Fierce and passionate, with bright bursts of pomegranate, tempered with aged wood and haunted by marigolds.

This starts off very woody and fruity and then the floral notes come out. I love the mix of the pomegranate with the wood; they're two notes I wouldn't think to combine. Somehow, this scent reminds me of the transition between summer and fall, with the last few summer flowers in bloom. It's another clean scent, though of a different nature than Falter.


Each of these scents is amazing and I can't think of one to recommend above the others. I'd recommend getting all of them in either full sizes or samples. DC's scents also tend to age wonderfully, so I wouldn't worry about trying to get through a bottle too quickly! (You'll probably want to buy more once you've sniffed one scent. I currently want.. all of them.)

Items purchased myself. All opinions are my own.

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  1. I love these too! I keep going back on forth on which is my favorite, it's too hard to choose just one!

    1. Right? It's so hard to decide because they're all so good!

  2. Oh, Wither sounds like a perfect match for me.

  3. Ermagerd. Squander sounds AMAZING...

  4. Oh, how exciting! I have always wanted to try Darling Clandestine but I keep forgetting about them when I am looking for perfume. Falter sounds amazing - I love herbal scents. And the avocado note is really intriguing!

    1. I lovelovelove DC. I think you'd really like them! Falter is really great. :D