Crest 3D White Whitestrips Intensive Professional Effects Review, Photos, Before & After

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Hey everyone! Today I bring you a review of Crest 3D White Whitestrips Intensive Professional Effects, a product I've been wanting to try for years. I was fortunate enough to be selected to review it through ChickAdvisor's Review Club a few weeks ago.

Crest 3D White Whitestrips Intensive Professional Effect, 7 ct
These Whitestrips promise "professional whitening at home," and that they are "as effective as $500 professional treatment." This particular type costs about $64.99 USD / $69.99 CAD, and can be bought at Amazon, Walmart, grocery stores, etc. I would shop around to get the best price, as these often go on sale -- they are currently going for $44.21 USD at Amazon, for example.

There are also coupons (and occasionally samples) available through P&G Everyday for Canadians and Americans. I highly recommend ordering the coupons and checking store flyers each week in case of a sale. Samples are usually given out a couple times a year and there is a chance you can select to receive one free strip, in case you aren't ready to commit to a whole pack.

Crest 3D White Whitestrips Intensive Professional Effects, 7 ct

These types of strips are used by applying a layer each to the top and bottom front teeth. There are seven treatments in this pack with a total of fourteen strips. They are meant to be used for two hours daily for a week.

Instructions and individually packaged strips

Bottom and top strips

The strips adhere well to the teeth. I didn't find they had a bad taste, and there was no residue left over after removing them and brushing. I had no issue keeping them attached for each two hour treatment. My only issue were the tabs (the triangular indentations, above) which are meant to stick to the back of the teeth. I found I had trouble keeping them stuck down, most likely because of saliva interfering with the stickiness. It didn't affect the whitening properties of the strips, but was a bit annoying.

The treatments were not uncomfortable at first, but I found after a couple of days of using them my teeth became more sensitive. I had to take a break of a few days after I experienced shooting pain in my bottom teeth during one treatment. This doesn't seem to be an uncommon problem, and Crest even notes that breaks can be taken in between treatments to alleviate sensitivity. I continued using the strips every other day and the pain decreased, though the teeth sensitivity lessened after a day or so. It took maybe a week or so for it to completely go away after the last treatment. My teeth have minor heat/cold sensitivity, so if your teeth are especially sensitive I would discuss with your dentist whether or not you should use these.

Finding two hours in a day to use them was also a bit challenging. I generally used them at night before going to sleep, but there are kits available that are used for a shorter period of time (e.g. thirty minutes). I do think using them two hours at a time was beneficial to get my teeth whitened over a short span of time, but next time for touch-ups I'd probably use the thirty minute kit.

But exactly how well did they whiten my teeth? Let's see...

Man, was it ever weird taking pictures of my mouth and going through to pick the best one. My mouth started looking really strange after staring at multiple pictures!

(P.S. Sorry for the not terribly good quality of the photo -- I used my iPhone's forward-facing camera which apparently doesn't take highest quality photos. I'll know better next time.)

Now, after...

As you can see, my teeth did get whitened quite a bit but not Perfectly Supermodel White. I kind of wonder about Crest's claim of these being as effective as a "$500 professional treatment," but that isn't exactly a crystal-clear statement either. You might get super-white teeth if your teeth only have minor staining, but if you have major staining I don't think this kit would be enough.

There are many different types of Whitestrips kits available. I would definitely research which option is best for your needs. I do recommend Crest 3D White Whitestrips Intensive Professional Effects if you have minor staining, don't mind using them for two hours each treatment, and/or if you want your teeth whitened in a relatively short period of time. While they are a bit expensive, they still are cheaper than professional services, and they are often on sale and have coupons available.

As I said, I would probably use a different kit in the future for further whitening and touch-ups, but overall, I do recommend the Crest Whitestrips line. Here's to pretty white teeth!

I received this as part of ChickAdvisor's review club. No compensation was given and all opinions are my own.

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  1. Hmm. I may have to try these some day. I've heard good things about them.

    1. They are pretty good. Get 'em on sale though!

  2. I think the results look great, it still looks natural.

    I'm a bit scared about my teeth getting sensitive afterwards, but I do want to give it a try. My teeth are a bit too yellow to wear very cool toned lipsticks and I happen to love purples..

    1. Thanks!

      I'd give them a shot but maybe try them every other day if your teeth get too sensitive. I love cool-toned lipsticks too so I know what you mean!