Brazen Cosmetics: V-Day Pout Prep Review, Photos

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hello everyone! I hope you've been having a happy Valentine's Day (or had, if you live in the future), whether you celebrate it or not. I'm fairly neutral on it -- I don't think we need a specified day for love and romance, but then again, I like cutesy things like hearts and pink (and chocolate!) I did tell my husband that under no circumstances should he get me overpriced roses. He gave me his cold instead!

Something I like about Valentine's Day are the cute makeup collections companies release, like Brazen Cosmetics' V-Day Pout Prep duo (, $9.99 USD).

Brazen was the very first indie company I tried, back in June 2011. Last month, they had a contest on their Facebook page to name their new lip scrub. The name I entered, First Base, was one I chose because I felt it reflected the company's coquettish and flirty image.  I was happily surprised to see my name choice entered in the final poll, and then later to find out I had won! Sandi, Brazen's owner, generously sent me the V-Day Pout Prep duo, containing the Candy Hearts First Base Lip Scrub and Candy Hearts Smartmouth Lip Conditioning Treatment.

The bubble mailer it came in. Aww!

The packaging. I love the little details Brazen always adds!

Orders from Brazen always come well-packaged, with cute tissue paper and a handwritten thank you from Sandi on the invoice. She also includes raffle tickets, which are used in a monthly draw on Brazen's Facebook page. I was actually given two, despite this being a prize and not a regular order!

V-Day Pout Prep: Smartmouth & First Base

The products come in a cute pink organza bag and they are both heat-sealed with plastic. The labels contain the company logo and information, product names, sizes, and ingredients.

 "Get your kisser ready for action with this adorable little duo of our "First Base" lip scrub in a tube and our "Smartmouth" tinted treatment stick."

The wonderful thing about both of these tubes is that they are flavoured like candy hearts! I don't find the smell or taste overpowering though, in case flavoured lip products aren't your thing. It's a sweet, fruity taste that lingers for about 10 minutes on my lips.

V-Day Pout Prep (front labels)

Candy Hearts First Base Lip Scrub (11g tube)
Ingredients: Sugar, shea butter, beeswax, coconut oil, almond oil, avocado butter, organic jojoba oil, organic meadowfoam oil, comfrey extract, flavoring, vitamin E & C

I've been wanting to try one of Brazen's lip scrubs for a while, as I had heard very good things about them. I love the convenience of having it in a tube, though they are also available in jars on the website. 
The Candy Hearts tube has sprinkles on top, contains a very moisturizing and effective lip scrub. It does exactly what it is supposed to, while tasting delicious and making my lips very smooth!
V-Day Pout Prep (back labels)

Candy Hearts Smartmouth Lip Conditioning Treatment (10ml tube)
Ingredients: Beeswax, almond oil, sunflower oil, aloe butter, cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil, iron oxide, titanium dioxide, lake 7, flavor, allantoin, vitamin C, vitamin E

This is described as a treatment stick, not a lip balm. I can say that it is doing wonders for my dry lips, which are doubly suffering from winter weather and a cold! The treatment sinks right into lips, without leaving any waxy feeling or film. It is also lightly tinted pink, which gives my lips (which are fairly pigmented) a nice blush. Well, if lips could blush, that would be the colour! I can get several hours of moisture from one application, though I tend to apply every couple of hours because I am an addict like the freshly-applied feeling!

This is also available on its own and as a gumball!

Overall, I quite enjoy this set and I can't thank Sandi and those who voted for me enough! (Thank you!!!!!!) Brazen is a great company with great products and customer service, and I think most everyone will enjoy this duo.

Have you tried Brazen? What do you think? 


Product was sent for free as a contest prize. All opinions are my own.

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