27 May 2015

Annabelle Blushon in Rosebud, Perfect Bronze in Sun Breeze, Review, Photos, Swatches

annabelle perfect bronze in sun breeze and blushon in rosebud

It is hot today on the Island -- 33°C with the humidex. It wasn't even that long ago we had winter weather, and the most snow we've ever had on record. Needless to say, I've been shoved full swing into summer weather, and what's better for summer than powder bronzers and bright blushes?

20 May 2015

Clarins Instant Light Comfort Lip Oil in Honey Review, Photos, Swatches

clarins instant light lip comfort oil in honey

If your lips need some extra pampering to bring them into the warmer weather, Clarins Instant Light Comfort Lip Oil in Honey ($23 CAD, 7ml) could be your ticket. Formulated with hazelnut, jojoba, and plum oils to protect and soften lips, it promises to nourish and enhance your lips. So, how does it stack up? Keep reading...

19 May 2015

Birthday Dream Wishlist: 26 for 26


This week, on the 23rd, I will turn 26. It's not as big of a "milestone" as 25, but it's four years closer to 30 and one year away from "late twenties." I find aging weird and sort of exciting. I've started noticing changes in my face, like actual cheekbone definition! And maybe the beginnings of crow's feet if I look too closely. Maybe I'd be more concerned about aging if I didn't still look like a teenager, but I find the whole thing more interesting than anything.

Because I love wishlists, I decided to pick twenty-six items from twenty-six of my favourite (or want to try) brands/authors. This is a dream wishlist, and I definitely can't afford all of these items, but maybe one or two. ;)

Click below to see my dream wishlist!

17 May 2015

CBB Guest Post: How Fair, Cool-Toned Beauties Can Wear Orange this Summer

Hey, everybody! It’s great to meet you. I’m Amy of EyeshadowAddict.com, and today I’m writing a guest post for Stephanie from the other side of the country. Cool, right? (Thanks, Stephanie!)

11 May 2015

New Layout!

I suppose it hasn't been that long since I redid the layout, but the last one wasn't very mobile-friendly and I wanted a change. I tweaked a template from Blogger Candy, which is a great site for free, user-friendly layouts! This one should be better on mobile, but do let me know what you think and if there are any issues. I may tweak it some more in the coming weeks as well.

Have a great week everyone!

08 May 2015

MAKE UP FOR EVER Tease Me Lip Set in Innocent: Aqua Lip Pencil in 3C, Aqua Rouge Lipstick in 3, Lab Shine Lip Gloss in D16 -- Review, Photos, Swatches

make up for ever tease me lip set in innocent

Ooh. So, due to the Great Blogging Burnout of 2015, I really missed the boat on blogging about the MAKE UP FOR EVER Tease Me Lip Set in Innocent, released a few months ago as MUFE's tie-in with the Fifty Shades of Grey movie. Note to self: limited edition at Sephora generally, definitely means limited. Anyhow, I dislike blogging about LE sets you can't get anymore, but you can still buy the individual products (save for the gloss -- more on that in a bit)! And they're MUFE, so you know they're good.